U.S. House Republicans make investigation of Biden a top priority

Republicans won control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday and stated that they will make it their top priority to investigate President Joe Biden’s business dealings when they take office next year.

Kentucky Republican Representative James Comer told reporters that the House Oversight and Reform Committee will examine bank reports and claims made anonymously by whistleblowers. He said that these allegations show connections between President Obama and Hunter Biden, his 52-year old businessman son.

“I want to make it clear. This is Joe Biden’s investigation. Comer stated that this is where the committee will be focusing in the next Congress.

“This committee will assess Joe Biden’s relationships with his foreign family partners and whether he’s a president who’s compromised or swayed o foreign dollars and influence,” Comer stated. He added that two suspicious activity reports had been filed by major banks.

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The White House stated that the House Republicans planned to pursue Biden with politically motivated attacks stuffed full of long-debunked conspiracies.

“President Biden will not allow these political attacks distract from him from focusing upon Americans’ priorities,” stated Ian Sams, spokesperson for White House Counsel.

Former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have been relentlessly attacking Hunter Biden for many years. They accuse him of wrongdoing in relation to Ukraine and China. He has also spoken out about his struggle with substance abuse. He worked as a lobbyist and lawyer, and was an investment banker, artist, and lawyer.

Hunter Biden revealed in December 2020 that federal prosecutors were investigating his tax affairs in Delaware, but they have not yet charged him with any crime. He denied any wrongdoing.

Hunter Biden has never held any position in the White House, or as a campaign advisor to his father. According to the president, he has not spoken with his son about foreign business deals and has stated that his Justice Department will have complete independence when investigating a family member.

As the U.S. political calendar moves towards the 2024 presidential election in which Biden indicated that he intends to run for re-election, the House Republicans’ investigation will start to unfold next year.

At a Wednesday press conference Comer was joined by more than a dozen House Republicans. Many of them are staunch Trump allies. Comer also announced his 2024 White House bid on Tuesday.

Republicans described the upcoming investigation in terms that echoed the allegations made against Trump by Democrats. They were looking into the business dealings between Trump and his family.

Trump was impeached twice in Congress. One for allegedly pressing Ukraine President Volodymyr Zilenskiy into investigating Biden and his son before the 2020 election. The other was over an attack on the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.

Both times, Trump was cleared by Senate Republicans.

A House Judiciary Committee investigation into allegations of political influence at Justice Department under Biden will be conducted in conjunction with the House Oversight investigation.

Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio, who is expected to be the chairman of the judiciary panel, and Comer, a Republican from Ohio, have pledged to supervise evidence-based investigations that are in line with the Constitution.