US troops in Middle East attacked 14 times, injuring 24 people over the last week: Pentagon

Pentagon officials report that U.S. troops in the Middle East were attacked 14 times last week using a mixture of rockets and one-way drones. This resulted in 24 injuries.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder confirmed on Tuesday that 11 attacks were made against troops in Iraq between October 17-24. During the same time period, three attacks were made against troops in Syria.

Pentagon officials claimed Monday that Iran is responsible for all attacks against U.S. forces, although there are no proofs at this point to show the country’s leadership ordered the attacks.

According to the latest list, which was reviewed by Central Command (CENTCOM), a total eight attacks were carried out. The location of the five additional attacks that CENTCOM is yet to report remains unknown.

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Two U.S. officials confirmed that Iran proxy forces launched a rocket on Tuesday at the al-Asad base in Iraq. The rocket was intercepted, and no injuries or damage to the base have been reported.

On Oct. 18, the same base west of Baghdad was attacked by U.S. troops, who destroyed one drone and damaged another. The attack resulted in four injuries and some damage to base.

An earlier warning for an attack which never happened caused a heart attack in a contractor.

Ryder stated Thursday at a press conference that “early warning systems in Iraq indicated a possible attack approaching the al-Assad airbase and Base personnel took shelter as a precaution, even though there was no attack.” “Sadly, an American civilian contractor died shortly after suffering a cardiac event while sheltering.”

On the same day, there were attacks on Al-Harir Air Base near Erbil as well as Al Tanf Garrison. In the first attack, there were no reported injuries, but in the second, 20 U.S. military personnel were injured. They have since returned back to duty.

The USS Carney, which was in the northern Red Sea on Oct. 19, shot down 15 drones and four land-attack cruise missiles launched by Houthi forces from Yemen.

On that same day, additional attacks occurred at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center located near Baghdad International Airport as well as a mission support facility in Euphrates, in Northeast Syria. Also on October 20, al-Harir Air Base and Al Tanf Garrison were targeted.