VP Contender Doug Burgum on Biden Withholding Military Aid from Israel: ‘He’s Actually Negotiating for the Terrorists’

According to Republican Governor, Joe Biden has not only been negotiating with terrorists, but he’s gone as far as to bargain for them. Doug Burgum, a North Dakota Republican governor, slammed Biden for refusing to provide crucial munitions to Israel, the U.S. “top ally,” in order “to get votes in November from pro-Hamas Democrats.”

Burgum, who was a Republican presidential candidate and is now considered a potential Trump vice presidential pick, criticised Biden on Thursday for violating U.S. protocol in negotiating effectively on behalf of terrorists. This marked an unprecedented presidential behavior.

He said, “I find it unbelievable.” “We are in a completely new area for a US president because Joe Biden is actually negotiating on behalf of terrorists.

Breitbart reported that several news outlets confirmed the Biden administration’s decision to withhold 3,500 bombs. Israel is currently fighting Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group designated by the U.S. that attacked Israel in October, in a particularly brutal and unprecedented massacre.


The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also confirmed to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense on Tuesday that the U.S. has withheld a shipment from Israel due to concerns over its ongoing attacks on Hamas at Rafah, despite the fact that the security of the Jewish state depends on the disbanding of Hamas’s last remaining battalions in Rafah.

Biden then confirmed, on CNN’s Erin Burnett Out Front, that he was limiting the transfer of American arms to Israel because of his moral opposition to the operations in Rafah.

I’ve told Bibi [Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu] and his War Cabinet that this is not acceptable. “They’re not going get our support,” he said in reference to the Rafah population centers. “We are not abandoning Israel’s safety. “We’re walking away Israel’s capability to wage war in these areas.”

He added, “We’ve stopped the weapons.”

Burgum then criticised Biden for “putting a redline for Israel, our ally.”

He said: “When you consider that, imagine all of our friends around the globe watching and thinking, Wow, Israel is supposed be America’s number one ally, and the President is threatening them?”

He suggested: “How about Joe Biden telling Hamas that we will continue to provide weapons until they release their hostages?” He should be negotiating with Israel. He is on the other side of the table.

The North Dakota Governor, on the other hand, insisted that “this wouldn’t be happening” if Donald Trump were in office. This is Joe Biden’s weakness being displayed, just like in Afghanistan and around the globe.

Burgum concluded Biden betrayed a trusted ally for only one reason: “he is trying to get votes from the pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party in November.”

A recent report suggests that the North Dakota Governor is being considered for a possible vice presidential candidate by former President Donald Trump. He had dropped out of his race in December, and endorsed Trump just before the Iowa Caucuses.

Trump, who thumped opponents in the Caucuses, said that he wanted the Governor to be a “very significant” part of his Administration.

Breitbart reported in January on the growing friendship between Trump and Burgum. Some people within Trump’s circle even mentioned Burgum as a possible running mate or cabinet candidate if Trump won back the White House.

He was prominently featured at Trump’s New Jersey campaign rally on Saturday. This increased his visibility as the top candidate for former President Obama’s choice of vice president.

It comes at a time when Republican officials continue to criticize the Biden administration’s decision to withhold crucial weapons from Israel to fight the Hamas terror organization. They accuse the president of carrying water for the pro Hamas mob to “appease both his radical antisemitic base and the Democrat Party’s pro-Hamas wing”.

On Thursday, the former president Trump accused the “crooked”, “weak”, commander-in chief of “taking side with these [Hamas] terrorism” just as he had “sided with Radical Mobs destroying our college campuses.”

Biden’s critics have said that, in the absence of any findings of Israel violating human rights, withholding arms that Congress had already authorized is unconstitutional, and that it violates Impoundment Control Act 1974.

Some Republicans even wrote impeachment articles, citing abandonment of an important U.S. allie and a possible weakening in U.S. Foreign Policy.