Biden Admin Sues Red State Over Arresting And Deporting Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration filed a suit against Iowa for taking immigration illegally into their own hands.

The Justice Department at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa alleged that Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-Iowa), the law passed by Kim Reynolds, violates the Constitution. The governor, however, said that the law was necessary to protect residents from President Joe Biden’s reckless border policy.


“Iowa can’t create its own immigration system.” The lawsuit stated that “Iowa’s efforts through SF2340 infringe on the federal government’s exclusive authority to control the entry and removal non-citizens and frustrate U.S. immigration operations.”


Illegal immigrants who are arrested for another crime could face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty of illegally entering the United States.

Reynolds, however, vowed to not “back down” in the face of Biden Administration’s threats.

An official of the DOJ claimed that the law, “effectively creates an independent state immigration scheme,” “intrudes in a field occupied and preempted by the federal government.”

Brenna Bird, the Iowa Attorney General, defended the legislation by saying that Iowa is doing what President Obama has not done.

When Biden refuses to secure our border and do his job, states must take matters in their own hands. “Iowa’s law does not stand out; it enforces immigration laws, while Biden refuses,” she said. “Iowa is ready to defend its immigration law which keeps Iowa communities safe,” she said.

Texas has passed a law that makes illegal border crossing a crime. The law gives state law enforcement authority to arrest illegal immigrants who cross the border between entry points and prosecute them.