Biden campaign to hold star-studded LA fundraiser

Biden’s Campaign is planning to hold a fundraising event featuring former President Barack Obama and Julia Roberts.

According to NBC News citing a Biden official, the fundraiser will take place in Los Angeles next month. Clooney and Roberts will run a social media contest aimed at bringing grassroots donations.

Clooney and Roberts are both Hollywood celebrities who will help Joe Biden in his reelection bid by appearing in text messages and emails. Biden wants to gain a financial advantage over Donald Trump, the Republican nominee who was previously president.

The news of this latest star-studded fundraising event comes on the heels of a similar fundraiser held in New York, featuring Biden and Obama as well as former President Bill Clinton, which raised $26 million dollars for the campaign. The event brought thousands of people to the Radio City Music Hall.


Biden, who did not have any serious rivals for the Democratic nominating process, has had a significant cash advantage over Trump in the last few months.

We’re not fooled into thinking that he won’t narrow the gap,” a Biden adviser told NBC. “But he cannot get back the time that we have spent with all of this money doing what we’ve accomplished.”

As the Republican and Democratic Parties prepare for their respective national conventions, in Wisconsin and Chicago respectively, the fundraising component of both the Biden and Trump campaign is expected to continue heating up.

The polling indicates that the rematch of Biden vs. Trump is a close contest. Some surveys show Trump as having a slight advantage in national polls, while others have Biden ahead.

RealClearPolitics’ aggregate of recent polls shows that Trump leads by a little over 1%. Polling shows that Trump has a larger lead when third-party candidates enter the picture.