WATCH: Large Migrant Group Pushes Past Texas Military at El Paso Border

On Thursday, a large group of migrants attempted to illegally enter the United States by pushing their way through razor-wire fences and Texas National Guard soldiers near El Paso. After assaulting several guardsmen, the migrants were stopped by a border fence.

Jennie Taer, a journalist from the New York Post, posted a video on X showing dozens of migrants pushing and assaulting Texas National Guard members who are defending border security under Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star mission. The group of migrants eventually broke through the border fence and charged a permanent barrier that was also guarded by guardsmen.

Taer called the scene a riot, as the migrants began to beat on the border wall. El Paso Sector Border Patrol Agents can be seen watching as guardsmen secure the gate.


Taer had reported two hours earlier a peaceful scene, as guardsmen stood by the razor wire border fence and pushed small groups of 600 migrants back into Mexico.

Wesley Hunt, a Texas congressman (R), reposted Taer’s video and said, “No, this is not World War Z.” Joe Biden has helped you secure your southern border.

Troy Nehls, Texas congressman, added: “We are invaded.” Joe Biden does nothing to stop this invasion.

The Biden administration has been fighting Texas’ efforts at border security enforcement. Various court rulings have blocked and unblocked attempts to enforce the new Texas Immigration Law, SB4. Now, the matter is before the U.S. Court of Appeals Fifth District. Breitbart Texas reported that on Wednesday, the Department of Justice of Biden and Texas presented their arguments to a three-judge panel.

The Texas Governor reported that under Operation Lone Star by Governor Abbott, Texas law enforcement officers have arrested more than 41,000 immigrants on charges such as criminal trespass or malicious mischief. Abbott wrote on X: “We will keep building the border wall and using NG to erect a razor wire barrier to repel migrants & to keep bouys in the river.”

It is likely that the fight over the enforcement of the Texas immigration laws will end up in the nation’s highest court. The Fifth Circuit’s decision after the scheduled arguments on Wednesday will prompt an immediate appeal, sending the ACLU case to the Supreme Court for action.

According to an unofficial Border Patrol document obtained by Breitbart Texas, El Paso Sector Border Patrol Agents have apprehended over 18,000 migrants so far this month. The number of migrants apprehended is down 17 percent from a year ago. El Paso agents arrested more than 138,000 people in the fiscal year that began October 1, 2023. This is a 44 percent decrease from last year.

Breitbart reports that while Texas numbers are down due to the increased border enforcement and other operations of the Mexican government in Texas, they have been on the rise in Tucson and San Diego.