Rabbi, teen hitchhiker killed in terror shooting at West Bank gas station

Yitzhak Ziger, 57, father of three, was killed while pumping gasoline near Eli settlement, along with Uria Harum, 16 years old; the gunman, identified as a PA police officer, was shot and killed by a restaurateur at the scene.

The military and medics reported that two Israelis died when a Palestinian terrorist fired at a West Bank gas station on Thursday, before he was shot and killed in a nearby store by a proprietor on leave after fighting in Gaza.

The second fatal shooting outside Eli settlement since June comes at a time when security tensions in the West Bank are rising ahead of Ramadan. Meanwhile, the military is still focused on the fighting in Gaza, and the escalating skirmishes along the northern border.

Magen David Ambulance Service reported that two men were shot to death at the gas stations shortly after 5 pm. One was found on the side road, and the other in a vehicle.

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The victims have been identified as Rabbi Yitzhak Zeiger (57), a father-of-three and resident of Shavei-Shomron, in the West Bank. Uria Hartum (16), a high school student who was riding with Zeiger from Dolev, had also been named.

According to local authorities, Zeiger was filling up the car’s gas tank when he was fatally shot, even though he tried to fire back.

Israel Defense Forces reported that the attacker, who was later identified as a Palestinian Authority officer, had been shot at the scene of the incident by the owner a nearby restaurant serving hummus.

Aviad gazbar, who claimed to have recently returned from reserve service in the Gaza Strip told the media present that he heard shots while visiting the Hummus restaurant.

“I shot a bullet to let the terrorist know that I was there.” “I saw him see me and he charged towards me. I took him down, and continued scanning,” said the man.

Images revealed that the terrorist had an assault rifle.

The Shin Bet agency, which is responsible for security, identified the attacker as Muhammad Manasra. He was a 31-year-old officer of the Palestinian Authority police stationed in the West Bank refugee camp Qalandiya near Jerusalem.

According to Shin Bet, Manasra has been jailed for weapons crimes between 2018 and 2019.

Israel Defense Forces announced earlier Friday that troops had begun mapping Manasra’s home in preparation for its demolition.

After the terror attack in Eli, alarms were sounded for suspected infiltration amid fears that there could be more gunmen in the region. Residents were told to stay in their homes until the all-clear came.

The IDF initially stated that “the troops are blocking the roads and conducting a chase after additional suspects” in the area.

The attack occurred at the same place as a deadly terrorist assault in June, in which four Israelis died.

Since October 7, when 3,000 terrorists smashed through the Gaza border and into Israel, in an attack led by Hamas, they have caused tensions to rise in Israel and West Bank. They killed at least 1,200 civilians and took 253 hostages.

Israel launched an aerial campaign, followed by a ground operation to destroy Hamas. The goal was to end the 16-year rule of Gaza and free the hostages.

Security officials are concerned that security in the West Bank may deteriorate during Ramadan. Ramadan is scheduled to start around the 10th of March.

Before October 7, tensions were rising in the West Bank. Israeli forces conducted nightly raids against terror groups in the north of the West Bank.

After October 7, the Israeli campaign intensified, with heavy gunbattles and airstrikes becoming more common.

Since October 7, IDF troops claim to have arrested 3,400 Palestinians in the West Bank. This includes more than 1,500 Hamas-affiliated individuals.