White House raises alarm on ‘mega MAGA’ economy as midterm picture darkens

In a desperate bid to stop the bleeding of Democrats, the White House has launched an offensive against Republicans in the economy just days before the midterm elections.

This comes after veteran Democratic strategists publicly urged President Joe Biden make a stronger economic argument to voters concerned about inflation after months and months of rising prices. Also, as forecasts show that Republicans are tilting the balance across key races in the country, the move is a welcome development.

Senior White House officials spoke Wednesday to reporters and warned that Republican threats of repealing the Inflation Reduction Act will increase healthcare and energy costs and raise prescription drug prices for seniors.

Officials stated that plans to extend tax cuts made during Trump’s presidency would increase the federal deficit.

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They also said that President Joe Biden’s student loans relief program was also under threat.

One senior White House official stated that the president’s policies were “in stark contrast” to the Republican plan to repeal relief for families. She called the possibility of a Republican takeover next week “incredibly stark.”

Biden warned that “megaMAGA trickle down economics” could increase inflation and put at risk the country’s credit rating if Republicans take control of Congress next month.

Democrats are already seeing a darkening picture as they try to convince voters that their party is the best placed to lead the country in this difficult economic time. According to polls, voters prefer Republicans on this issue. However, Biden’s approval rating for his economic handling is still low.

David Wasserman, Cook Political Report’s House editor has stated that many candidates in lean-Democratic races are “teetering at the edge”.

A new Monmouth University poll shows that Republicans have a 6 point advantage over Democrats with registered voters. This is 50% compared to 44% in the case of Democrats. Republicans are more likely than Democrats, 64%-59%, to declare that they are “extremely motivated to vote”.

When asked about Biden’s agenda, the first official stated that the president would be focusing on lower consumer costs with a priority to bring down oil prices and “ensuring that demand meets supply.”

Biden, if Democrats retain control of Congress will codify abortion rights as well as push for an assault weapons ban.

On Thursday, Biden will give remarks at a Syracuse semiconductor factory, New York to highlight his manufacturing agenda and job creation.

Although the White House stated that Biden will travel more before the election, it declined to give specifics.