Mexican President Celebrates DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Texas

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took aim at Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is upset about the Department of Justice filing a lawsuit recently that asks for the removal of a floating border barrier installed by the Texas state in the Rio Grande River last month.

Lopez Obrador, speaking at his morning press conference on Wednesday, told Breitbart that “we celebrate [President Joe] Biden’s complaint” because it was not Abbott’s responsibility to interfere in international affairs. It is the faculty. States are not allowed to enter into any kind of agreement with foreign countries. We have to see it for what is it; it’s just a publicity stunt.”

In July, Abbott, claiming that the Biden Administration had abdicated their responsibility for securing the border, ordered the installation of a 1,000-foot-long barrier buoy in the Rio Grande stretch near Eagle Pass, Texas to prevent illegal migrants from crossing into the State.

In his speech, Lopez Obrador stated that border barriers are what divides the people of Mexico and Texas.

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Lopez Obrador stated, “He [Abbott] does everything to get votes.” “I believe it will be counterproductive for him. I don’t believe people will vote for him. “They are not going vote for him.”

The Mexican President said that Texas is home to a large number of Hispanics, as well as Latin American migrants. These people will vote against Abbott.

Lopez Obrador is not the only Hispanic who has opposed Republican politicians. In May, Lopez Obrador urged Florida Hispanics to not vote for Governor Rick Scott. Ron DeSantis is the Republican nominee for 2024 due to his hardline position on illegal immigration.

According to the transcript of Lopez Obrador’s daily press conference, “I hope Hispanics in Florida wake up, and do not vote for him, or those who persecute, who do not respect, migrants,” Lopez Obrador stated. The Bible says that you should respect the foreigner and not mistreat them.

The Biden administration, in addition to filing a suit against Texas for the floating border barriers, proposed last week federal protection of two freshwater mussel spp. that can be found in Rio Grande — the same area in which Abbott installed the marine barrier buoy.

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A declaration of endangerment for the mussels would force Abbott to retract the floating barrier, and prevent Texas from placing more buoys along the border river. This area is considered a ‘critical habitat.