New Zealand COVID Tyranny: Parents Refuse Vaccinated Blood for Child, State Threatens Custody

New Zealand is a long-time contender for the most severe COVID-19 lockdown under WEF minion Jacinda Adern. Canada is perhaps the only country that can match its brutality, also led by Justin Trudeau, WEF errand boy.

Recently, the Kiwi nation threatened to take a child out of his parents’ custody because they don’t want him infused with mRNA blood.

New Zealand’s Health Service has filed a court application for guardianship of a baby aged four months. His parents refuse to let his life-saving heart surgery go ahead without non-vaccinated blood.

Te Whatu Ora filed papers at the Auckland high-court Monday under the Care of Children Act. It requested that the baby’s guardianship should be transferred from his parents in order to consent to donate blood.

Johnston, a professor in bioethics at Otago University, stated that parents have significant decision-making power over their child’s lives. “Parents have a lot of authority over their child’s life – there is a large zone of discretion for parents about making decisions about medical issues.” But there are limits. [emphasis on added]

Evidently, the ethical limit on a parent’s power over medical decisions for their child is where it might interfere with Pfizer profits or state social control.

The parents claim that at least 30 suitable unvaccinated donors are available to donate blood to the baby in order to allow the process to move forward. It seems like an easy solution.

Where is the “my body, I choose” progressive media online when the state threatens to take a baby from his mother’s arms because he is deemed to be violating orthodoxy? Where is the pathetic p***y-hat demonstration for bodily autonomy? This is the NPR propaganda that is so gruesome and unnecessary.