Portuguese drivers take matters into their own hands with climate activists: Show ‘how it’s done’

The Portuguese drivers became frustrated with the climate activists who were blocking traffic during rush hour on a busy highway Tuesday morning. They took matters into their own hand.

The Portugal Resident reported that activists from the group Climaximo sat in the Segunda Circular Highway of Lisbon to protest against the nearby energy company Galp. Two protesters hung from cables above a pedestrian overpass overlooking the highway.

The protest was reported to have ended in just a few moments when the angry drivers decided to drive the activists.

In a viral video, cars honked at the activists. Then about a dozen motorists exited their vehicle and dragged he small group from the street.

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“End Wokeness”, on X, shared the video and commented, “Climate activist tried to block a road in Portugal.” The drivers quickly stopped it. “This is how you do it.”

The video has received a lot of attention and had over 6 million views by Wednesday morning. Climaximo shared a longer video of the protest at X.

Climate activist group in Lisbon describes itself as “anticapitalist”. It accuses firms like Galp and others of “genocide.”

The Portugal Resident reported nine activists had been arrested. A Portuguese news outlet, however, reported that the group had held a new demonstration on Wednesday morning.

Climaximo activists told SIC Noticias they didn’t feel that their demonstrations caused public disorder.

He told the news outlet that “public disorder” is created when people are unable to access services in Portugal.

The group claims that governments and corporations around the globe have “declared a war on the people and planet” through a “premeditated, coordinated act of violent violence.”

“They are killing thousands of people right now, dumping tens or millions of them, burning them to death, drowning. The government is currently putting millions of people in gas chambers. This time the gases are greenhouse gasses and the chamber represents the entire earth. Climate breakdown is an intentional and coordinated act.

The disruptive tactics of the group are similar to those employed by UK-based climate activist Extinction Rebellion.

Last month, thousands of radical climate activists, including Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace, blocked a Dutch road to protest the billions of euros in subsidies provided by the Dutch government for fossil fuel industries.

Fox News Digital contacted Climaximo to get a comment. Any response will be added to this article.