Putin ally warns NATO of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in Ukraine

NATO was warned Thursday by a NATO ally that Russia’s defeat in Ukraine could lead to a nuclear war. Meanwhile, the head of Russia’s Orthodox Church stated that Russia would be destroyed if the West attempts to destroy Russia.

This apocalyptic rhetoric was intended to discourage the U.S.-led NATO alliance military alliance from becoming more involved in war. It comes on the eve a meeting of Ukraine’s allies to discuss sending Kyiv additional weapons.

However, the fact that Russia could lose on the battlefield was a moment of clarity from Putin’s inner circle.

In a Telegram post, Dmitry Medvedev (former Russian President) said that a defeat of a nuclear power during a conventional war could trigger a nuclear conflict.

Medvedev, who was president from 2008 to 2012, stated that “Nuclear power have never lost major conflict on which their fate is dependent.”

In a sermon for Epiphany, the head Russian Orthodox Church stated that Russia’s destruction would lead to the end of the world.

Medvedev stated that NATO and other defense leaders will be meeting at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, on Friday to discuss strategy and support for West’s effort to defeat Russia in Ukraine.

Putin views Russia’s “special army operation” in Ukraine as an existential struggle with the West. He has stated that Russia will use every available tool to defend itself and its citizens.


In recent months, the Kremlin chief sought to prepare Russians for a tougher battle and promised eventual victory in a conflict that the West leaders will not allow him to win.

While the United States denies Russian claims of wanting to destroy Russia’s sovereignty, President Joe Biden warned that a conflict between Russia (and NATO) could lead to World War Three.

Top Putin allies claim that the U.S. and European military aid to Ukraine of tens of trillions of dollars is proof that Russia is in direct confrontation with NATO. This is the Cold War nightmare for both Soviet and Western leaders.

In a sermon, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church stated: “We pray that the Lord bring the madmen to reason, and help them see that any desire for Russia’s destruction will lead to the end of the earth.”

According to RIA, he said that “Today is an alarming moment.” “But, we believe that God will not leave Russian Land.”

Sergei Lavrov (Putin’s foreign minister) told Minsk reporters that Russia would do all it could to ensure NATO and European Union leaders are “sobered-up” as soon as they can.

Lavrov stated, “I hope that there will be sobering up.” “We will do all we can to help our NATO colleagues and the European Union get sober as quickly as possible.”


The Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th has been one of the most violent European conflicts since World War Two. It also marks the largest confrontation between Moscow, Russia and the West since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis.

The United States and its allies condemned Russia’s invasion in Ukraine as an imperial land grab. Ukraine, however, has pledged to fight until the last Russian soldier leaves its territory.

Medvedev, who has raised the threat to a nuclear war since Russia invaded Ukraine in the past, now admits that Russia could be defeated. This is a sign of Moscow’s concern about increased Western weapon deliveries to Ukraine.

The United States and Russia are the two largest nuclear powers in the world, holding around 90% of all nuclear warheads.

When Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, was asked if Medvedev’s comments meant that Russia was increasing the crisis to a new height, Peskov replied: “No, it absolutely doesn’t mean that.”

He stated that Medvedev’s comments were in complete accordance with Russia’s nuclear doctrine, which allows for a nuke strike after an “aggression against Russia Federation with conventional arms when the very existence is threatened”.