Staunch Conservative Milei Lands In Israel, Officially Announces Moving Argentinian Embassy To Jerusalem

Javier Milei, a staunch Israel supporter who is also a politically conservative Argentinian president, landed in Israel. He immediately announced that he will move the Argentinian embassy to Jerusalem.

Israel Katz welcomed Milei, telling him: “You are an individual who is committed to the truth and you have a strong sense of values. It’s no surprise that you came to Israel to support us immediately in our just fight to defend the Jewish People against Hamas terrorists.” Thank you for declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and for moving the Argentine embassy there. Jerusalem is the capital of both the Jewish people and Israel. “Welcome to Israel, Mr. president – Viva La Libertad Carajo!”

“I welcome with great pleasure the arrival in Israel of Javier Milei the president of Argentina and Israel’s friend who has announced the relocation of Argentina embassy to Jerusalem. Welcome, dear friend!” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted.

Milei arrived with Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino and Secretary General of Presidency Karina Lizzie Milei. He also brought Rabbi Axel Wahnish to Israel, who he had chosen as Argentina’s ambassador to Israel.

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Milei arrived to the United States in late November. Before he met with officials from the United States or the International Monetary Fund he paid his respects at the grave of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Snowrson, the former Chabad-Lubavitch Leader. Milei joined Rabbi David Pinto Shlita, who blessed him and his mother in Buenos Aires before leaving Argentina.

“I praise this beautiful country Argentina and ask God to protect it so it can return to its former glory. Pinto Shilta said to Milei: “I am certain that you will be able to help the nation and with the people in Argentina you will achieve this.” Milei responded with “Thank you!” The Rabbi told Milei’s Sister, “We pray to God for him to have everything he requires.”

Argentina is home to the largest Jewish community in South America with approximately 220,000 people.

Milei visited Schneerson’s grave in July. He visited the tomb and asked for a blessing prior to the election which took place this week. Schneerson was the founder of the Chabad and Lubavitch movements. He pioneered Jewish outreach. There are now over 1,400 Chabad and Lubavitch institutions on six continents in 35 countries.

Milei, the woman who stunned the world with her landslide victory in the presidential elections, said: “I did not know the Rebbe personally. But I had the honor of visiting his grave twice in the past year.” “I asked for his blessing there to be elected President of Argentina, and this blessing has become a reality this past week.”

Milei gave his first interview in a foreign language to “Kfar Chabad”, a Hasidic paper. He stated, “From the things I have learned about the Jewish people’s history, their resilience and divine protection, I am certain that they will continue to triumph.” I want to encourage you to stay strong, united and keep your faith in God. The world will eventually realize that Israel is still alive.