Ukraine building suffers deadliest civilian attack in months

As rescue workers tried to reach the survivors, the death toll from the Russian missile strike that struck an apartment building in Dnipro in southeast Ukraine rose to 30 Sunday.

Emergency crews were on site throughout the night and into the morning at the multi-story residential block, where officials estimate that about 1,700 people lived prior to Saturday’s strike. According to The Associated Press-Frontline War Crimes Watch, it was the deadliest attack on one spot since a September 30 strike in Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia area.

Russia also attacked Kyiv capital and Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine during a broad barrage on the same day. This ended a two-week-long lull of airstrikes it launched against Ukraine’s urban centers and power infrastructure almost every week since October.

Russia acknowledged the missile strikes on Sunday, but didn’t mention the Dnipro apartment block. Russia repeatedly denies that it targeted civilians during the war.

According to General Valerii Zaluzhny (commander-in-chief of Ukrainian armed forces), Russia fired 33 cruise missiles Saturday. Of those, 21 were destroyed. According to the military’s airforce command, the missile that struck the apartment building was a Kh-22, which was launched from Russia’s Kursk area. It also stated that Ukraine doesn’t have an intercepting system for such weapons.

Workers in Dnipro used a crane to rescue residents trapped on the upper floors of an apartment tower. Some residents signaled their need for help using lights from their mobile phones.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, reported that at most 73 people had been injured and that 39 people had been rescued by Sunday afternoon. 43 people had been reported missing by Dnipro’s city government.

“Search and rescue operations continue and dangerous structural elements are being removed. All day. “We continue to fight for every human life,” Zelenskyy stated.

Ivan Garnuk, who was living in his apartment at the time of the attack on the building, said that he was lucky to have survived. He expressed shock at the Russians striking a residential building without strategic value.

“There are no military installations here. He said that there was nothing. He said, “There is no air defence, and there are no military bases in this area. It only hit innocent civilians.”

Residents of Dnipro joined rescue workers on the spot to clear the rubble. Others provided food and warm clothing for the victims.

Artem Myzychenko, a local, stated that this was clearly terrorism. He also said that he had seen people destroying rubble.

Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed Sunday that it had achieved its goal by claiming responsibility for the missile attacks in Ukraine.

“All targets designated have been hit. Telegram posted a ministry statement stating that the attack had achieved its goal. It stated that missiles were fired on “the military command and control system and energy facilities of Ukraine” but did not mention the attack against the Dnipro residential block.

Russian forces attacked a Kherson residential area on Sunday, according to the regional governor. Yaroslav Yanushevych stated in a Telegram message. Two people were reported to have been injured, according to preliminary reports.

Russia’s air attacks on Ukraine were renewed as fighting raged in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region. The Russian military claimed control of Soledar, a small salt-mining community. However, Ukraine claims that its troops remain fighting.

The Russian forces would be able to take full control of Soledar, which would enable them to move closer to Bakhmut. Both sides have suffered significant casualties in the battle for Bakhmut, which has been raging for several months.

The war was nearing its 11-month mark. Britain announced that it would send tanks to Ukraine. This is the first time Britain has donated such heavy-duty weaponry. Although the 14 Challenger 2 tanks pledged by Britain seemed modest, Ukrainian officials believe it will inspire other Western countries to provide more tanks.

British Prime Minister Rishi Panak’s office released a statement late Saturday saying that “Sending Challenger 2 tanks in Ukraine is the beginning of a gear shift in the U.K.’s support.” After President Zelenskyy told the prime minister that the U.K. would continue to support Ukraine’s land-war effort, a squadron with 14 tanks will be sent into the country within the next few weeks. Five gunners will operate the large, self-propelled AS90s.

Officials say that Sunak hopes other Western allies will follow his lead in a coordinated international effort for Ukraine support. This is part of an international effort to increase support for Ukraine ahead of the 1 year anniversary of the invasion.

The U.K. defense secretary plans to travel to Estonia, Germany and NATO allies this week. The foreign secretary will visit the U.S.A. and Canada to discuss better coordination.