McCarthy rips Biden document discovery handling, calls out DOJ’s ‘hypocrisy’ as a ‘weaponization’

Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. was interviewed by “Sunday Mornings Futures” to discuss what Republicans will do regarding President Joe Biden’s classified documents, and other top priorities that face the party in his first week in office.

McCarthy reacted first to numerous classified White House documents found at Biden’s Delaware residence and Penn Biden Center private offices. McCarthy stated that the timing of discovery and the Justice Department’s special investigation represent “why the American people don’t trust their government.”

“Congress has an independent constitutional duty to supervise all aspects of Justice Department, including special counsels. So we will be able to oversee what is happening here. McCarthy spoke to Maria Bartiromo about what is most important to her: “How justice is applied and is that applied equally.”

“How many years have these documents been held by this vice president who has been in [public] office for over 40 years?” The speaker went on. So, they apply a Special Counsel, but how many agents did they apply to that? And also applied to [former] President Donald Trump? This is hypocrisy.

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Republicans are examining Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate the classified materials found. Biden claimed they were “inadvertently lost.” This comes after Trump’s August raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

“I am tired of the Justice Department that was found to have gone after parents and other people, and that they use it to go after people who hold different political views. McCarthy stated Sunday that this is the problem with government. “And this is a prime illustration of why we passed this Week a new select Committee that will fall under Jim Jordan’s Committee for the Weaponization of Government. That way we can examine what the FBI has done from Twitter and anywhere else, and change the course so that we can trust our law enforcement.”

Robert Hur, an ex-U.S. attorney, was appointed by Garland to head the Biden investigation. McCarthy repeated similar warnings made by Devin Nunes, a former U.S. attorney, that Hur should be interrogated about his “ties to Russia hoax.”

“Why is it that every investigation into a Republican ends up in a little loop?” Why can’t there be an independent FBI person who has no ties whatsoever to any organization that investigates something? “Why is it always from a small protected circle of friends [that] they are the only ones that they have [as] counsel?” said the speaker.

He said, “We will get the bottom of it no matter how long and how difficult we have to fight.” “There is one thing that I believe, and I hope the American people realized as they watched the race for the speaker: I will not give up. This means that I will not give up on you in your quest for the truth.

McCarthy stated that “very productive” progress had been made in the Republican Party’s first week, including the repealing of 87,000 new IRS agents and the creation of a select committee to examine China. He also said that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was being preserved. McCarthy teased future legislation regarding border security and the halting of emergency COVID money.

One of the most controversial ideas by the speaker was the suggestion to release all video evidence from Jan. 6, which he explained on “Sunday mornings Futures.”

McCarthy stated that the reason I looked into releasing those tapes was because I observed the politicization of what occurred there. “Nancy Pelosi would not release her texts, but she would pick and select who could be on that commission.” The best way to deal with this, I believe, is the same way Elon Musk did it. He just released all the information and people can see the truth and the lies. The best way to accomplish that is to release the tapes. Instead of choosing and selecting which views they wish to see, people can decide for themselves.

The House speaker said, “I believe all that information should be presented and let the American people understand what transpired. Let them know the whole truth.”

McCarthy is looking forward to his first conversation about budget cuts and raising debt ceiling with Biden.

“Every government must do this, every state, county, and city has to balance their budget. McCarthy stated that the White House claimed they wouldn’t even consider it and couldn’t find one dollar to eliminate waste. McCarthy believed they were trying to bankrupt us. “What I’m saying is that it was my first conversation with the president. Let’s get down together. Let’s take a look at where we can improve our behavior. First, I’d say: Why don’t the Senate and House both create a budget? They don’t produce budgets. You can see that they are wasting money.

McCarthy continued his message to President Obama by saying, “Let’s sit down, and change our behaviour for the good of America. Because what we’re going to do to this country and these entitlements is bankrupt us today.”