Biden ‘dragging his feet’ on COVID origins intel because of blowback

After the House passed a bill that required the Biden administration declassify intelligence about the COVID origins on Friday, the President avoided answering reporters. Florida Rep. Kat Cammack, a Florida lawmaker, said that the president’s reluctance on Friday to decide on intel reports was because it would “open Pandora’s Box” and expose other “collusions” surrounding him.

KAT CAMMACK – I believe that the time is now for the Biden administration. It’s quite telling to see Republicans and Democrats vote unanimously to declassify the intel reports. If you look at his motives for not acting, it could be that he didn’t want to take action. They would have to act on China. They would need to act on all funding sources for W.H.O. FDA, CDC and NIH.

It would be a major blow to Pandora’s Box and expose the deep-rooted collusion between Biden and all the social media companies who had to work overtime in order to hide all the opposing views on COVID. This is the worst thing the Biden administration could do, as it contradicts the narrative they have been pushing for for years. Follow the money, I’d say.