Border Authorities Dropped Off 42,000 Illegal Immigrants On San Diego Streets Since September

According to a report by Cal Matters, between September 2023 and November 2023 U.S. border officials dropped off 42,000 undocumented immigrants in San Diego County.

Three prominent locations for dropping off migrants are the Iris Transit Center San Diego, in San Ysidro near the Port of Entry, and in Oceanside. Esther Sanchez, Oceanside’s mayor, said that in September, approximately 100 illegal immigrants were arriving daily from San Clemente where they were processed.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors allocated $3 million in October for services to support migrants. The board will vote on Tuesday whether to spend an additional $3 million for an immigration welcome center.

“Illegal crossings topped a monthly average of over 8,000,” AP reported mid-October.


Title 42 expires in May 2023. The policy was implemented in March 2020 and allowed Border Patrol agents the ability to reject illegal immigrants that might bring Covid-19 in the U.S. Just two days before it expired, Border Patrol reported more than 10,000 arrests. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration let the policy expire because it knew illegal border crossings began to increase after Mr. Biden was elected, partly due to the popular belief that he would treat migrants better than Mr. Trump.

One homeowner, who owned 78 acres on the border of Mexico, about 75 miles east from San Diego, spoke to CNN after Title 42 expired. He claimed that “dozens, if no hundreds of migrants crossed onto his land every day.” A homeowner, five miles away, saw immigrants camp out on his 17 acre property and left discarded clothing and trash. His wife said, “The migrants are entitled to more rights than us.”

CNN commented on the illegal immigration influx by saying, “The San Diego Border Patrol Sector reported more than 230.000 encounters in the fiscal year which ended in September, a level activity that the agency had not seen for over 20 years.”