Speaker Johnson Lays Down a Line on Ukraine and Border Security Funding

Mike Johnson, the newly elected House Speaker, sent a letter Tuesday to Office of Management and Budget director Shalanda young laying out a line regarding Ukraine funding. The letter, while addressed to Young who is currently negotiating with legislators on a funding package for the government by the end the year, is actually written for Joe Biden.

Since October 26, 2023, the Republican position on the Administration’s request to increase Ukraine funding has been clear. Johnson wrote that on October 26, 2023, he met with you, Jake Sullivan (National Security Advisor) and other leaders in the Situation room to discuss two key issues: the security of our border and the critical answers about the requested funds.

“I explained to them that the supplemental Ukraine funding was contingent upon the enactment a transformative change in our nation’s border laws. The House of Representatives took the lead in defining reforms for securing America’s border and passed H.R. More than six months have passed since the Secure Border Act 2023 was passed by the House of Representatives. Senate Democrats have failed to act on this bill,” Johnson said. The open U.S. Border is a catastrophe that cannot be sustained. We have a responsibility to stop this madness immediately. The Biden Administration chose to ignore reality and engage in political posturing rather than engage with Congressional Republicans on logistical reforms. We are ready and willing work with the Administration to create a border security package which protects the American people’s interests. “It is long past the time for the Administration to engage meaningfully with us.”

Johnson’s proposal is supported by those who support Ukraine funding. They also call on the White House for a plan to be presented to Congress.


On the Senate side, Republicans are united to fix the asylum process so as to stop the uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants.