Dem AZ Gov. Hobbs: ‘We Need Something’ from Biden on ‘Lawlessness at the Border’

Arizona Governor. During an exclusive interview with CNN, aired Friday on “NewsNight”, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, responded to a query about reports that Joe Biden was considering stricter executive actions on the U.S. border. This could include preventing those who crossed the border without permission from seeking asylum. She said that she wished Congress had passed the Senate Bill and that both administrations have failed to take action.

Abby Phillip, the host of the show, asked: “Gov. As a Governor of a bordering state, you have sent your National Guard to the border. Is that what you want to hear when you hear President Biden may prevent illegal border crossers from seeking asylum as a way to reduce the flow?

Hobbs replied, “We need to do something.” We have been dealing with inaction for decades from both Republican-Democratic administrations and Congress has refused to pass the bipartisan legislation presented. Americans want to see sanity at the border and for lawlessness to stop.