BREAKING: Ronna McDaniel Announces When She’ll Step Down As RNC Chair

Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee’s chairperson, has announced her official resignation. It will take effect on March 8.

She said in a New York Times statement:

I have decided to step down at our spring training in Houston on 8 March to allow our nominee the opportunity to choose a chair. The R.N.C. It has been a tradition that the R.N.C. has changed once we nominate a candidate, and I have always intended to respect this tradition. I am committed to winning the White House back and electing Republicans all over the country in November.

McDaniel is in trouble since the end of 2022. The GOP’s “red wave” did not materialize, and an exclusive RedState report revealed that millions of dollars had been spent by donors on private jets and limousines, flowers, Broadway tickets and sporting events.


She was reelected at the RNC winter meeting of January 2023 in Dana Point (CA) after Donald Trump made it clear, via his advisor Susie Wiles that he wanted Ronna to remain.

The party’s failure to win some crucial off-year elections heightened the anger. RedState published a shocking update on RNC spending on the eve the RNC 2024 winter meeting. McDaniel was still spending on limos, floral arrangements, and management consultants, while neglecting investments in infrastructure to get out the vote (GOTV).

Trump announced in his media appearances after that report that he wanted a change to occur at the RNC. Anonymous sources informed the New York Times McDaniel was planning to resign following the South Carolina primaries. Trump has endorsed NCGOP chairman Michael Whatley as McDaniel’s replacement, and his daughter in law Lara Trump who is also a North Carolinian to be co-chair. RNC sources told RedState that while Whatley is certain to win the votes of the NCGOP members at the March meeting there are still some jockeyings in the background about the co-chair post.