Koch network stops spending on Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign

After Haley’s defeat in South Carolina, Americans for Prosperity Action stated that it needed to “take stock”.

Americans for Prosperity Action (the powerful conservative group that supports Nikki Haley during the Republican primary) will no longer donate money to her campaign.

Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity, said in an email sent to the staff, obtained by POLITICO on Sunday, that the political arm of the group, AFP Action had to “take inventory” after Haley lost the South Carolina primaries. Seidel stated that the Koch-aligned group will now concentrate its efforts on competitive Senate races and House elections.

Seidel wrote about Haley: “She has made clear that she will fight, and we fully support her in this endeavor.” We don’t think that any outside group could make a significant difference in her victory, given the challenges she faces in the states where the primaries will be held.

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AFP Action’s announcement is the latest blow for Haley’s presidential bid. Haley has already suffered losses in four of the early nominating States and in the Virgin Islands. On Saturday, former President Donald Trump defeated Haley by 20 points in her own state. Haley has declared that she will continue her primary campaign, but only commits to fighting until Super Tuesday on 5 March.

AFP Action funded field operations and advertisements for months in order to convince Republican voters not to support Trump during the primary. It wasn’t until the end of November that AFP Action chose Haley to be its preferred Trump alternative. Since then, AFP Action has reached out more than 3,000,000 voters in early nomination and Super Tuesday states as well as bought millions of dollars’ worth of ads for Haley.

AFP, unlike the Club for Growth – another conservative group whose PAC funded anti Trump ads last year and then made peace with Trump – is sticking to its position that Trump’s presence on the ballot would make it more difficult for the GOP in November.

Seidel wrote on Sunday that if Donald Trump were to be the Republican nominee, there was a serious risk of a Democratic Party dominated by the Progressive Left. This would cause irreparable harm to the nation. The last three elections have shown us what voters can expect if they continue to reject Donald Trump.

She cited special elections held in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia last month as data showing Republicans’ underperformance.

Seidel said, in reference to Trump’s continuing legal issues: “And we can expect that this will increase as criminal trials continue.” Trump will be in court on March 25, facing charges stemming hush-money payments made to a pornstar.

Haley’s campaign has been hit by the decision of AFP to cease spending, but she is still raising a lot of money on her own. This has enabled her to continue her campaign despite the string of losses.

Olivia Perez Cubas, a Haley spokesperson, thanked AFP’s support, saying the campaign had “plenty” of fuel and a country to “save.” Perez Cubas said on Sunday that Haley raised over $1 million in online donations within the past 24 hours.

Perez-Cubas stated that “AFP is a wonderful organization and ally of mine in the fight for liberty and conservative government.” “We thank them sincerely for their help and support in this race.”

A spokesperson from AFP Action refused to reveal how much money the organization spent on Haley’s campaign. AFP Action also deployed hundreds of workers to knock on doors in early states. They used digital, television and mail advertising.

Seidel stated that the group “stands firmly behind our endorsement of Nikki Haley,” and described her as a “special leader with conviction, determination, and steel in her back to jump into a difficult race with a tight path”.

AFP Action began promoting its endorsed Senate Candidates even before Haley was dropped. This included launching an ad campaign in Montana last week and running digital ads in Nevada and Pennsylvania. Seidel stated that the group had also endorsed candidates in Wisconsin’s Senate race, and planned to do so in Ohio and Michigan as well. She stated that the Senate elections this year were always AFP’s “top priorities.”

Mark Harris, the lead adviser for the super PAC that supports Haley’s campaign, SFA Fund, Inc., said to POLITICO before the South Carolina primary, his group will continue to support Haley as long as she is in the race. Super PACs supporting Haley, who have spent more money on advertising in the Republican primary than any other group in recent years, are expected to increase their ad spending in Super Tuesday states.