Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro rips pro-Palestinian protesters who targeted Jewish restaurant: ‘Blatant act of antisemitism’

Gov. Josh Shapiro, (D-PA), condemned the pro-Palestinian demonstration outside a Jewish Restaurant in Philadelphia on Sunday. He called it a “blatant antisemitic act” at a time when tensions are rising over the war between Israel & Hamas.

Demonstrators gathered in front of Goldie falafel restaurant owned by both Jews and Israelis, waving Palestinian and Israeli flags, and chanting “Goldie Goldie you can’t run away.” Demonstrators gathered outside Goldie, a Jewish and Israeli-owned falafel restaurant. They waved Palestinian flags and chanted “Goldie, Goldie, you can’t hide.”

Shapiro stated on X (formerly Twitter) that “We saw a blatant antisemitic act tonight in Philly — not a protest peaceful.” “A restaurant’s owner was Jewish and Israeli, and the mob attacked it because of this.” This hatred and bigotry reminds us of a dark period in history.

In a post on Facebook, the Philadelphia Free Palestine Coalition encouraged supporters to “flood” the streets as part of a March through Rittenhouse square, University City and the University of Pennsylvania Campus. Later, the protesters stopped at Goldie owned by Israeli Chef Mike Solomonov.


Solomonov, who owns several restaurants under the CookNSolo banner, includes Zahav, K’Far Cafe and Laser Wolf. This is according to their websites. CBS Philadelphia reported that Solomonov, following the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, said he’d donate 100% of his sales to Friends of United Hatzalah. This nonprofit emergency medical service is a nonprofit.

Shapiro stated, “I have communicated with [Mike Solomonov] at Goldie and his team to share our support. Lori and me look forward to having lunch with them soon.”

CBS Philadelphia reported on Monday that the “Free Palestine’ stickers had been removed from the doors of the restaurant.

The White House condemned Goldie’s actions, describing the protest as an anti-Jewish display.

Andrew Bates, White House spokesman, said on Monday that it was “antisemitic” and “completely unjustifiable” to target restaurants serving Israeli food because of disagreements about Israeli policy.

Bates added that “this behavior shows the cruel and senseless dual standard that is a calling-card of Antisemitism.” He also said that Joe Biden “would always stand up firmly” against such actions.

Rep. Brendan Boyle, (D) Pennsylvania and Sen. Brian Schatz, (D) Hawaii also condemned the protests on X.

Boyle: “It’s disgusting that you would target businesses just because they are Jewish-owned.” “Philadelphia is against this type of harassment and hatred.”

Schatz reiterated, “Antisemitism can be a serious problem. This eye-rolling and changing of the subject is tiring and demoralizing.” It is possible to disagree about Israel’s conduct in this war, without giving into your demons. At least give it a try. Please.”

This is just the latest of a series of protests by pro-Palestinian groups calling for a truce in the war between Hamas & Israel, which have been condemned as violent by Democratic leaders. A violent protest that took place in Washington, D.C., in front of the Democratic National Committee HQ, on Nov. 15, led to many injuries and an arrest by Capitol Police.

All of the following individuals released statements to condemn the violent DNC protest in November: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison; House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffreys (DNY); Minority Whip Katherine Clarke (DMA); Democratic Caucus chairman Pete Aguilar, (DCA); and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairwoman Suzan delBene, (DWA).