Eric Adams Cuts Police, Education Budgets To Deal With Ongoing Illegal Immigration Crisis Pounding NYC

New York City Democratic mayor Eric Adams announced on Thursday that his administration will be making significant budget cuts to the NYPD and Education Departments. Adams said the cuts were necessary in order to address the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

The New York Times reported that Adams’ budget cuts would freeze police hiring and reduce the number of NYPD to under 30,000 officers. Budget cuts will also reduce the budget of the city’s Education Department by over $1 billion in the next two-year period, which will affect school programs and libraries.

Adams stated that “no city should be left on its own to deal with a national crisis of humanitarian proportions, without the timely and significant support from Washington D.C. The budget presented today will only be the beginning.”

This move comes just two days after Adams said in a news conference that the budget cuts needed to deal with illegal immigration would be “extremely difficult for New Yorkers.” He added, “This is probably the most painful exercise I have ever gone through in my entire time as a government official.”


Cuts to the NYPD are just one month after Adams stated that the Big Apple needed more police officers due to an increase in assaults, car thefts and felony offenses.

Adams was criticized by leftist Democrats for cutting funding to programs like summer school and universal Kindergarten.

According to The Times, “Mayor Adams’s unnecessary, dangerous, and draconian cuts will worsen New York’s affordability crisis, and delay the city’s economic recovery, by cutting funding for schools, child care and food assistance, and other programs that help New Yorkers raise their families and live in the city,” said Lincoln Restler. He is a member of the City Council’s progressive caucus.

According to city officials, New York City has a budget worth $110 billion and is expected to spend $12 billion on food and housing for illegal immigrants by 2025. Since last year, more than 130,000 illegal migrants have entered the city. Adams has asked the Biden Administration to enforce immigration laws better at the border in order to help the Big Apple offer assistance to illegal immigrants.

The mayor of New York City warned last month that the number illegal immigrants bussed to major cities is “not sustainable.” Adams also said that the weekly number of illegal migrants arriving in New York City has increased from 2,400 to 4,000.

Adams had been planning to travel to Washington, D.C., earlier this month to meet the Biden administration to discuss the border crisis. However, he cancelled his trip after learning that the FBI was investigating his campaign. Adams’ cell phone was confiscated a few days later by federal agents as part of the investigation into allegations that his 2021 campaign had conspired with Turkish authorities.