Former Arizona GOP Chair Kelli Ward, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows Indicted for Role in Alternate Electors Case

A grand jury in Arizona indicted a number of important allies of Donald Trump, including Rudy Giuliani (former Trump attorney and ex-New York City mayor), Kelli Ward (former Arizona Republican Chair) and Mark Meadows, the former White House Chief Staff, for their role in contesting the results in the 2020 presidential elections.

According to The Washington Post, in addition to Ward, Meadows and Giuliani former Trump attorneys Jenna Ellis, and former Trump campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn were also among the individuals charged.

Meadows, Giuliani and Ellis were among those indicted in connection with alleged attempts to assist Trump in obtaining Arizona’s Electoral Votes in the 2020 Presidential Election, which took place more than three years earlier.

Ward and Arizona state senators are examples of such people. Jake Hoffman (R), Anthony Kern (R), and others were charged with crimes long after signing paperwork on December 14, 2019, certifying Trump as the winner.

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Indictments of Trump supporters and members of Arizona’s Republican Party come as a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey conducted between April 8-15, found that President Joe Biden trails Trump by at least six points in several swing states, including Arizona, Georgia and Nevada.

Biden was backed by 42 percent, whereas Trump received 49 percent.

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes released the indictment via a video on X:

I will not let the American democracy be undermined. It’s important. The investigators and attorneys assigned to the case spent the time necessary to piece together all the details about the events which began almost four years ago. I am very proud of their work. They have followed the facts wherever they lead. We’re here because justice requires an explanation of the actions that defendants and unindicted conspirators are alleged to have taken to undermine the will Arizona voters during the 2020 Presidential election. Arizona’s elections were free and fair. Arizonans elected Biden as President.

The Arizona grand jury’s indictment is just the latest of a long line of attempts to use the justice system against conservatives, Republicans and Trump. Ron DeSantis, R-FL and Kevin McCarthy, former House Speaker (R CA), have both referred to “weaponization.”

In July 2023 the Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel formally charged 16 “fake voters” with eight felonies including conspiracy and election laws forgery, for their alleged role in trying to contest the results of the presidential election for 2020.

A Nevada grand jury indicted a number of top Republican Party members in December 2023. The indicted members were accused of fabricating and submitting false documents related to the “fake voters” plot.

Fake electors have claimed that they acted honestly, believing that Trump won all the states.

Trump’s supporters have cited the election of 1960 between John F. Kennedy (left) and Richard Nixon (right).

According to Politico, although Kennedy won the presidential race by a narrow margin, the results of the first round in Hawaii showed that Nixon won the state with a margin of 140 votes.

Three electors from Kennedy gathered with three electors of Nixon and cast their votes in his favor.

Both Kennedy’s electors and Trump’s also used similar language in their documents.

Kennedy won the case.

Indictments of top ally of former president and members of Arizona GOP come as Trump faces 34 counts for allegedly falsifying records of business in the first-degree regarding payments made to pornstar Stormy Daniels in 2016 during the presidential election.

According to the Arizona Mirror, the 11 Arizona Republicans who acted as alternate electors are among those charged.

The 11 Arizona Republicans are:

Michael Ward and Kelli Ward. Michael Ward is the former Arizona chair of the Republican Party.

Arizona State Sen. Jake Hoffman

Arizona State Senator Anthony Kern

Tyler Bowyer is Chief Operating Officer at Turning Point USA

Nancy Cottle

James Lamon

Robert Montgomery

Samuel Moorhead

Lorraine Pellegrino

Gregory Safsten

According to the Washington Post, Mark Meadows and Jenna Ellis were among those who were indicted, along with Rudy Giuliani. John Eastman was also indicted, as well as Christina Bobb, an ex-Trump attorney, Boris Epshteyn and Mike Roman, former Trump campaign staffer.