Internal polling shows Moreno taking narrow lead in tightening Ohio Senate GOP primary

In a second poll conducted in the same number of weeks, Bernie Moreno was narrowly ahead of three other candidates for the right to face Sherrod Brown.

The Ohio Senate GOP primary has become more competitive.

In a second poll conducted in the same time span, businessman Bernie Moreno was narrowly ahead of three other candidates for the right to face Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. Both internal surveys revealed a heated primaries — a dramatic departure from the previous polls that gave Ohio Secretary of state Frank LaRose an edge.

Fabrizio, Lee & Associates conducted a poll in early December on behalf of Moreno’s campaign. Moreno received 23 percent, compared with LaRose who got 19 percent, and Matt Dolan, a state senator, with 18 percent.

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The survey found that 40 percent of 600 likely voters were still undecided. The margin of error for this survey is +/-4 percentage points. Moreno’s surveys show that his strategy of airing TV ads to increase his name recognition may be working.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee remains neutral in the Ohio primary, which is home to the most important Senate race of 2024. This Senate seat is located in one of the three red states where a Democratic-held Senate position is up for grabs. The retirement of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), a Democrat from West Virginia, has brought even more attention to Ohio and Montana.

LaRose was a state-wide elected official who had a lead early in the polling. He has fallen behind Dolan and Moreno in terms of fundraising, despite both being wealthy individuals. Dolan and Moreno both have been running TV ads over the past few weeks.

Fabrizio, Lee & Associates’ March survey found Moreno at a dismal third place, with only 6 percent. LaRose received 23 percent, and Dolan 16 percent.

Moreno spent over $2 million in TV advertising since then to boost his profile statewide. In his spot, former President Donald Trump praises Moreno. Sen. J.D. Vance (R – Ohio) has endorsed Moreno.

This week, Moreno will air television ads in Youngstown and Cincinnati. He had previously aired ads in Cleveland Columbus and Dayton.

A Moreno internal poll conducted by co/efficient in late November found that the results were statistically tied: Moreno had 15 percent, LaRose had 14 percent, and Dolan had 13 percent.

Both LaRose, and Moreno, are trying to get Trump’s support. This cycle, the former president has stayed away from contests on the lower ballot. A candidate who consistently leads in the polls could be a better candidate for an endorsement.