Bob Good elected Freedom Caucus chair amid internal drama

The House Freedom Caucus has elected Rep. Bob Good, R-Va. as its next chairman. This elevates the Virginia Republican into the top position of the conservative group which has long been a pain in the side of House GOP leaders.

A source told The Hill that the right-wing group of about three dozen people chose Good as its new leader in a meeting held behind closed doors on Monday night. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., currently holds the role.

Good’s nomination, as one of eight Republicans who voted against former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, confirms that the Freedom Caucus has always been a group of confrontational, hardline Republicans.

It also shows the Freedom Caucus’ willingness to promote members who aren’t loyal to former President Trump. Good, who continues to praise Trump, has endorsed Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis, a Republican candidate for president.

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Freedom Caucus members often find themselves at the heart of legislative battles. However, they are not all one group. Good’s victory was not without controversy about the group’s tactics.

According to a memo sent to his colleagues, and reported by Axios just hours before the vote, Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio said he wouldn’t seek reelection to Freedom Caucus Board.

“I’m concerned that we rely too much on our group’s power (available due to a narrow majority), and not enough on our influence among and with our colleagues. This is not a good foundation for success,” Davidson said. “For me, these concerns culminated with the Board’s recommendations that Bob Good be the next chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.”

Davidson refused to talk about internal dynamics. He only said that he sent a letter to his colleagues. However, Davidson elaborated on how the group has influenced society more generally.

Davidson stated, “I believe the real opportunity is for us to be more convincing with our colleagues to understand why we hold the positions that we do.” They’ll automatically agree with us in some areas. “But I think we should sometimes do more to ensure that people understand the merits behind the positions the group has taken.”

Good said that, ahead of his election, the idea that Freedom Caucus was not doing enough to gain influence in the Republican caucus, is “demonstrably wrong.”

Perry, the incoming chairman, dismissed the criticisms of Warren without directly addressing these.

Perry stated, “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this fact but the people here aren’t always in agreement on everything.”

Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., who will be leaving the House next year to run for North Carolina Attorney general, has indicated that he does not agree with Davidson.

Bishop stated, “It’s very easy to fall into a contradiction or a self-contradiction.” “These categorical statements sometimes do not hold up.” “I don’t wish to engage in a lengthy debate with Warren Davidson, but there have clearly been differences.”

According to Rep. Ralph Norman, (R-S.C.), Good was the sole lawmaker on the official ballot for the next group chairman. He received the support of the Freedom Caucus Board. In the letter cited by Axios, Warren said he had no alternative nominee.

Good is one of the most outspoken – and rabblerousing – Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus. He often buck his party’s votes and pushes the leadership to the left.

Good was at the heart of many other important legislative battles. He was one of eight Republicans that voted this year to remove McCarthy as Speaker, a vote which plunged the House in chaos for three weeks and halted all legislative activity.

Virginia Republican, also, helped to destroy two of the rules that failed in the House this year. This included the revolt that brought the chamber into a standstill during a period of about a week. This was the first time a rule had failed in the House since 2002.

The Freedom Caucus is not only dealing with internal turmoil this year.

The group acted to remove firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., from its ranks over the summer. This was due in part to her support of a deal by McCarthy that increased the debt limit; her confrontation on the House Floor with Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. ; and her closeness with McCarthy, despite their natural animosity toward the leadership.

Greene also took aim at the tactics of the group after her removal.

Greene said to reporters, “I am no longer a member in the caucus that wants to burn it all down.” “I am a very, very happy free agent. I want to continue doing my job.”