Kari Lake lawyers up ahead of potential legal fight in Arizona governor race

Arizona Republican Kari lake is preparing to file a lawsuit and could contest the outcome of the governor race.

Lake was endorsed by Donald Trump and has refused to give up, claiming that her voters were unfairly excluded or faced delays and disadvantages during Election Day.

Lake stated that he has assembled the most talented legal team and is exploring all avenues to rectify the many wrongs committed this week. “I will do everything I can to correct these wrongs.

On Thursday, she traveled to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, in preparation for a possible legal battle.


Lake spoke out in a new 2.5-minute video. She called the long lines voters face “unforgivable”

She also mentioned long lines at polling stations and issues with the ballot printers at different Maricopa County vote centers.

She said, “Whatever happened to Arizonans during Election Day is unforgivable.”

Republicans in the state requested that a judge extend the hours of polling stations because of the issues, but it was denied.

Lake also called on Hobbs the current Secretary of State to step aside from any role in the electoral process. The Secretary of State office certifies equipment and creates election procedures. It is not responsible to count ballots.

Hobbs’ position earned her national attention when she defended Arizona’s 2020 election results — which backed Joe Biden over Trump, but who failed to overturn them.

Lake, a former TV news anchor, decided to run as governor after she left Fox affiliate in Phoenix last year. This was partly due to her strong support of Trump.

Trump’s endorsement helped her win the GOP nomination, over a candidate supported by a term-limited GOP Governor. Doug Ducey.