Lauren Boebert faced her first major political test in her new congressional district. Here’s how it went.

The congresswoman was among nine candidates that took part in a Republican Primary Debate for the 4th Congressional District Thursday night.

Lauren Boebert was put to the test for the first time in her new district of Congress on Thursday night. She appeared at a discussion with her many Republican primary opponents, and spent most of her evening fighting off attacks.

Mike Lynch, a state representative from Wellington, asked the congresswoman for the definition of carpetbagger.

Boebert said that the crops in Colorado’s Fourth District may be different, but the values remain the same. She recently moved with her family to the 4th District and has been a political force across the state.

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Boebert was among nine candidates to participate in the debate hosted by the Republican Women of Weld at the Fort Lupton Recreation Center. The 4th Congressional District is currently represented by retiring U.S. Rep. Ken Buck. It is the most Republican-friendly congressional district in Colorado. This means that whoever wins the GOP primary will likely be a shoo in in November.

Boebert changed her reelection bid from the 3rd Congressional District in the western half to the 4th District located mostly in the eastern part of the State.

Boebert’s opening remarks at the debate stated, “I am here to earn your votes — your support.” This is not a coronation.

It was certainly not a coronation on Thursday.

Boebert was subjected to direct and indirect attacks and questions from the beginning of the debate. Jerry Sonnenberg, an attorney from northeast Colorado who is a rancher, said in his opening remarks he has lived in the district for most of his life. The district extends over the Eastern Plains to Loveland and Douglas County.

Sonnenberg stated that “this district needs someone who has grown up and understands these issues.”

Deborah Flora, a conservative talk radio host, asked Boebert about her ability to criticize a Democratic opponent for running in a different district while living in a different district during the previous election cycle and then do so.

Boebert said, “I needed a new start for my boys and me,” after signing a lease recently in Weld County. “That was a very public view of how home life is. Sorry to bring this up. I wanted to make it look good and give my ex-husband a lot of respect. “But since my private life is public, my sons need to be free from the drama.”

Boebert’s grandson was in her arms when she arrived at the debate. She appeared to be making reference to the arrest of her former husband in Garfield County for alleged domestic violence incidents involving her, her children, and him.

The arrest occurred weeks after she had announced that she would be switching to the 4th District, a decision which was also politically motivated and beneficial to her. In 2022 she won the 3rd district by less than 600 ballots, making it the closest congressional race in the country.

In fact, many parts of the 4th District have fewer road miles between them and Silt, the town where Boebert lived, than Pueblo in the 3rd District.

Boebert’s attempt to distinguish herself from her opponents in the debate was to highlight her work as a member of Congress.

She said, “Everyone will speak like a Freedom Caucus Member (on stage), but only one governs as a Freedom Caucus Member.”

Boebert expressed his support for Donald Trump, and claimed falsely that Trump had won the 2020 Presidential election.

When asked who she will vote for in this year’s Republican presidential primaries, she replied “President Trump” when asked. “His third victory as President.”

Boebert was not on the defensive throughout the night. She accused Lynch of being unable possess a firearm because she was convicted in 2022 for drunken driving. Lynch was prompted to ask about the carpetbagger after that dig.

Lynch isn’t the only candidate to have been arrested. Boebert was one of six candidates to raise their hand when asked if they had ever been arrested. The candidates and crowd laughed.

Boebert didn’t win the straw poll conducted by attendees after the debate. She was ranked fifth out of the five participants behind Sonnenberg and Flora, then followed by Sonnenberg, Lynch and Richard Holtorf.

The unscientific survey was merely an indication of the sentiments expressed in the room. Fort Lupton, however, is not in the 4th District but in the 8th Congressional District.

Colorado’s primary elections for the Colorado congressional election will take place on June 25, 2024.