Muslim American Leaders in Swing States Vow to Defeat Biden in 2024: ‘We Will Change the Vote’

Muslim American leaders in swing states launched #AbandonBiden on Saturday. They vowed to defeat Joe Biden as president in 2024 because he refused to call for a truce in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

About a dozen state leaders, including those from Michigan, Minnesota Arizona, Wisconsin, Florida Georgia Nevada North Carolina and Pennsylvania, vowed to not vote for him during a Michigan press conference, accusing him that he had abandoned Muslim Americans, who helped him win the 2020 election.

Hassan Abdel Salam is the leader of the #AbandonBiden National Coalition, and an assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota.

Some leaders warned Biden that he should change his position, while others claimed he already lost their vote.

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You won by 20,000 ballots. We will change the votes. “We will change the vote and we won’t stand with you in this next election,” Tarek Amin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin said.

Hazim Naareddem, a leader from Arizona, also said:

Biden won by only 10,500 votes. The U.S. Policy and Immigration Center, UC San Diego and Arizona State estimate that over 25,000 Muslim citizens live in Arizona. I will work night and day to make sure that these voters reject Biden and that Arizona won’t stand by a man that has tarnished the blue wave.

Hassan Shibly is an attorney and Muslim American leader who lives in Florida. He said: “We’ll do our best to ensure that Biden doesn’t get Florida, a crucial swing state.”

“We cannot allow Genocide Joe a second term in office, after the blood of Palestinians children is on his hands,” said he. “Now is time to resist using every possible means.”

Samraa Luqman is a Michigan community leader who said: “We are here to send a resounding, clear message that we will continue to organize, communicate, reach, and mobilize Muslims to abandon an man who abandoned Gaza’s people.”

I am here to inform you of this division and that the Michigan Muslim Community will not vote for you in either the general or primary elections. No matter how many people Blinken contacts to try and deter us or how pathetically he tries to minimize future bombings or how much you change the narrative, this is a message. We will never forget the fact that you crossed the line in October 2023. By not calling for ceasefire.

Khalid Turaani from Michigan also vowed that Biden would be a “one term president”.

Joe Biden’s stance against the genocide of Gaza will make him a historical figure. We will make sure that happens. We’ll punish Biden by giving him one term as president by announcing that we are abandoning Biden. We will mobilize people and expand the coalition of those who are against Joe Biden’s stance on Gaza genocide.

Jaylani Hussein, with the #AbandonBiden Campaign, declared that Biden’s reelection presidential campaign was already “lost”.

“To conclude this press conference, we announce that President Biden lost the election in 2024. As American Muslims, we are not powerless. We are powerful. He said, “We don’t just have money; we also have actual votes.”

The Biden administration, in response to the growing protests of the left, has changed its stance. It is no longer one of unconditionally supporting Israel, but one that calls for “pauses” for the recovery and delivery humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Biden recently called it “a worthwhile thought” to make U.S. assistance to Israel conditional.

Biden administration officials repeatedly called on Israel publicly to adhere to the laws of warfare. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Israel on Saturday that “You can win in urban war by protecting civilians.”

He said that he had repeatedly told Israel’s leaders to protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza as a moral and strategic imperative. “I have personally urged Israeli leaders to avoid casualties among civilians, to refrain from irresponsible speech, to stop violence in the West Bank by settlers, and dramatically increase access to humanitarian assistance.”

He concluded: “And two things are true. Any state has a responsibility to respond to an attack such as the one on October 7th. Every state is responsible for protecting civilians in times of armed conflict.

According to a recent report, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Israel lacked the “credit” needed to defeat Hamas.

The Times of Israel published a transcript of Blinken’s meeting with Israel’s war cabinet where Blinken lectured Israel’s leaders. According to the reported transcription, Blinken said the following:

Blinken! You can’t do what you did in northern Gaza. Two million Palestinians live in Gaza. It is important to evacuate fewer civilians from their homes. You should also be more precise in your attacks, avoid hitting UN facilities and make sure there are enough areas for protection [for civilians]. What if you don’t? If not, then do not attack civilians. What is your method of operation?

IDF Chief Herzi Halevi: We adhere to a few principles, including proportionality, distinction and laws of war. We have attacked on those principles and we’ve also decided to wait for better opportunities.

Defense Minister Yoav Galant: Even if it takes several months, the entire Israeli population is united in its goal to dismantle Hamas.

Blinken: You don’t deserve the credit.

Israel’s strikes against Hamas resumed on Friday after a seven-day break, which was pushed by the Biden Administration. Israel’s offensive against Hamas is a response to Hamas’s large-scale terrorist attacks against Israel, which killed over 1,200 people, including women and children. It also kidnapped over 200 people, and after Israel released about 100 hostages, the organization still holds about 140.