Kamala Harris Pleads ‘We Have to Revitalize the Palestinian Authority’

As she began a series of diplomatic discussions with Arab leaders, Vice President Kamala Harris described a post-conflict Gaza centered around a Palestinian Authority (PA), whose security forces had been “strengthened”.

She also warned Israel, speaking at the COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai, to do more to safeguard Palestinian civilians against the “devastating bombardment”.

AP reports that the vice president stated she saw a bright future for the West Bank. It will be up the key nations in the region, as well other nations and organisations, to “dedicate substantial resources” towards rebuilding housing and hospitals. She said that electricity and clean water are essential, as well as the ability to reopen bakeries.

Breitbart News reports that President Joe Biden had appointed her to lead a “national strategy against Islamophobia” a month before.

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Harris stated that PA security forces must be “strengthened to eventually assume security responsibility in Gaza”, while stressing the fact that terrorists can’t continue to threaten Israel.

Harris also said that the PA, which controls the West Bank, should govern Gaza as well to achieve lasting peace. This sentiment is similar to the U.S. president Joe Biden.

The vice president stated that the Palestinian Authority “must be revitalized by the Palestinian people, who will drive it,” adding that this would “allow the Palestinians to benefit from a transparent and responsive government, as well as the rule of law.”

The AP reports that Harris’s trip to the United Arab Emirates was hurriedly planned as she was the U.N. Climate Conference’s top American representative. However, her main goal in the UAE was the Israel-Hamas conflict.

She spoke on the phone to Qatar’s emir and met leaders from Egypt, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Breitbart reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already stated his opposition to a Biden proposal to return control of Gaza back to the PA after Hamas has been removed from power.

Netanyahu views the PA as an enemy of the Jewish State, a source for violence and antagonism. It also encourages terror.

Netanyahu said at a press conference that “in Gaza, after Hamas is destroyed, and for many years afterwards, there won’t be a government that encourages terror and teaches terror and funds terror – that also indoctrinates the destruction and murder of Jews.”

He was referring to the PA’s track record in encouraging terror. This includes the “pay-to slay” practice, in which PA pays terrorists in Israeli jails stipends and provides pensions to families of terrorists who are killed by Israel.