Police investigating incidents involving Colorado justices after Trump removed from state’s ballot

The police said that they will be investigating any incidents involving Colorado Supreme Court Justices, and increasing patrols in their Denver homes following the court’s decision removing former President Donald Trump’s name from the state’s primary presidential ballot.

Denver Police Department refused to give details in an email about their investigations, citing privacy and safety concerns and the fact that they were ongoing.

In an email, the department said it was “currently investigating incidents directed towards Colorado Supreme Court Justices” and would continue to work with local, state and Federal law enforcement partners in order to investigate all reports of threats or harassing.

Police responded to the home on Thursday night of a justice, but said that it was a “hoax” report. This case is still under investigation.


The FBI has said that it is working closely with local law enforcers on this issue.

Vikki Migoya said, “We will aggressively pursue any investigation of anyone who threatens or uses violence to justify their actions, regardless of the motivation.”

Last week, Colorado’s highest court reversed a decision from a district judge who had found that Trump had incited an uprising for his role during the attack on the Capitol in January 2021. However, the judge said that he couldn’t be banned from the ballot as it was unclear whether the insurrection clause of the U.S. Constitution was meant to cover the president.

The state’s top court disagreed, siding with six Colorado Republican voters and unaffiliated who argued it was absurd to think that the framers, afraid of former Confederates returning to the power, would ban them from lower-level positions but not the most important one.

The U.S. Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the case, so the court has delayed its decision. Colorado officials have said that the matter must be resolved by January 5, when the state is required to print its primary presidential ballots.