Conservatives Push RNC Chair McDaniel to Resign

Newsweek reported that two social media posts on Monday wishing her followers Merry Christmas sparked a wave calling for RNC chair Ronna McDaniel’s resignation.

McDaniel sent back-to-back tweets to X (the site formerly known by the name Twitter): “Merry christmas to you and all your loved ones!” Let us give thanks and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth brings us joy, new life, and hope.

McDaniel then posted a prayer for “all those who are spending Christmas far from their families, especially our soldiers overseas and first responders.”

Many people did not reciprocate the sentiment.

Put a boot up Congress’ A$$

Biden just granted 350,000 illegal aliens amnesty. No background checks. No criminal investigations. Now they roam free in your community. It’s time to say NO MORE to Biden’s Amnesty. It’s time to Protect American Values! Put a boot up Congress’ A$$ and demand the House GOP fully fund the border wall and the Border Patrol operations needed to protect our nation now!

Put a boot up Congress’ A$$
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Rogan O’Handley (also known as DC Draino) is a social media personality who has responded to the question “Resign” by saying “Resign”.

One person wished McDaniel “Merry Christmas.”

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Two other people called for conservative activist Scott Presler, to take control of the RNC.

Ronna, please give us your resignation. We NEED @ScottPresler. “Have you contacted Scott yet?” asked one.

Another post stated: “All I wish for Christmas is that you resign so @ScottPresler can take your place.”

McDaniel tried to maintain an impartiality in the Republican primaries despite the pressure from a significant portion of the Republican Party who wanted her to anoint Donald Trump, the former president and the frontrunner. McDaniel, and the RNC have been criticized by Trump for not supporting him enough.

Laura Loomer, a former congressional candidate, took aim at McDaniel after he sent a GOP fundraising email listing the remaining GOP candidates alphabetically. This meant that Trump was listed last.

What did @GOPChairwoman send out on Christmas Eve? What a disrespectful message to President Trump and his GOP base. She put Trump’s last name… then asked for donations. Unreal. Loomer wrote: “This is why everyone hates the @GOPChairwoman.”