Republicans in Nevada are split in dueling contest over 2024 presidential nomination

Florida Governor Rick Scott is the only Republican candidate who has not been split by Nevada’s presidential contests. Ron DeSantis chose to face former president Donald Trump in a caucus organized by the state GOP, while three other major contenders compete in an early state-run primaries.

DeSantis supporters warned that Nevada Republican Party rules had skewed the process to Trump’s benefit. However, DeSantis announced on Sunday that he will run in the caucus of February 8 and attempt to win the delegates needed for a candidate to become the nominee.

Nikki Haley, former United Nations ambassador, filed her candidacy for the primary run by the State on February 6. The primary is a chance to show electability at least symbolically before important contests in South Carolina, and a list of primaries on Super Tuesday.

On Friday, Tim Scott, a South Carolina senator and former Vice President of the United States, as well as Mike Pence filed their primary papers.

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Nevada will play a major role in the GOP nominating contests in 2024 as it is the third state that will weigh in next year.

Nevada GOP has stated that it will only send delegates to the Republican National Convention based on results from its caucuses. The party also prohibits candidates from running in the primary elections if they are also caucus participants.

Andrew Romeo is the director of communications for the DeSantis Campaign. He said that in a recent statement posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), the governor was committed to “earning each and every delegate as he strives to win the Republican nomination for President, Nevada is not an exception.”

Romeo stated that it was disappointing that the Nevada Republican Party had changed the rules to favor one candidate. “However, Ron DeSantis is going to fight against these tactics just as he will defeat Joe Biden in November 2024, when he challenges him and wins.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Republican Businessman Vivek RAMASWAHY and North Dakota Governor. Doug Burgum is one of the other GOP candidates that filed early to join Trump in the caucus.

The Democratic Presidential Preference Primary in Nevada will be held on February 6, and President Joe Biden, eight other candidates, including the self-help author Marianne Williamson have all filed their candidacy papers.