DeSantis Super PAC Launches Ad Campaign Slamming Trump’s Anti-Netanyahu Comments

On Monday, a Ron DeSantis Super PAC launched an advertising campaign criticizing former President Donald Trump for his criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week.

According to Never Back Down, a pro-DeSantis political action committee, the video ad, which highlights Trump’s comment that Netanyahu “let down” the U.S. during its assassination against Iranian terror chief Qassem Solimani, is being distributed via text messages in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The ad says “As Israel battles terrorists, Trump is attacking Israel.”

Trump’s Republican rivals have criticized the former president’s criticism of Israel’s leader, while the country was under attack by Hamas terrorists backed by Iran. Trump and his supporters responded by highlighting his pro-Israel record as president. The former president also posted on social media in support of Israel, including Netanyahu.


The anti-Trump clip includes a clip where DeSantis tells supporters that “now is not the time to attack our ally.”

“Prime Minister Netanyahu has become a friend of mine.” DeSantis said in the video that he is handling one of the most challenging situations Israel has ever faced. “We want to see them succeed in this conflict. You won’t find me hurling verbal grenades against the Israeli leadership.

Trump and Netanyahu have been at odds since 2020. This is when Netanyahu congratulated Joe Biden on winning the election, while Trump was contesting the results. Trump viewed this as disloyal.

The former president, during a rally for his campaign last week, appeared to repeat the grievance by suggesting that Netanyahu was not supportive of the U.S. killing of Soleimani.

“I will never forget how Bibi Netanyahu let me down. Trump said, “That was a terrible thing. “And then Bibi attempted to take credit for that.”

Trump’s pro-Israel record was highlighted after he faced backlash for his comments. He moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem, and helped negotiate diplomatic agreements between Israel and Arab states including the United Arab Emirates.

In a Thursday statement, Trump said that “there was no better friend or ally of Israel than the President Donald J. Trump.” On his social media platform Truth Social, he also posted the hashtags “#IStandWithIsrael”, “#IStandWithBibi”, and “#IStandWithBibi”.