Running back: Herschel Walker pulls ahead of Raphael Warnock in polls after debate

Herschel Walker, a former football star (R-GA), has beaten incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock(D-GA), in the Georgia Senate race polls. This is in the same time frame as the debates took place more than two weeks ago.

As the momentum from the University of Georgia’s former running back continues, GOP candidates across the country are enjoying a strong finish to the final stretch of voting before the midterm elections.

Walker is currently leading Warnock by 1.4 percentage point in the Real Clear Politics average polling, which is a huge swing compared to the 3.3 percentage points Warnock had on Oct. 14, as the two were debating in Savannah, Georgia.

Walker leads three of the six major polls that were conducted after the debate between Walker and Warnock and is tied with Warnock in one.


Despite allegations from several women alleging that Walker pressured or paid for abortions, which Walker denies, Walker was able to surpass the senator in what is expected be one of tightest midterm races.

Warnock invited former President Barack Obama to campaign in Georgia with him, having lost Georgia twice when he ran for the presidency. This was to try to reverse the momentum that Walker had built.