Stacey Abrams’ group ordered to pay nearly a quarter-million dollars in legal costs

A federal court has ordered Stacey Abrams, a failed Democrat Georgia gubernatorial Candidate, to pay a quarter million dollars in legal fees.

Fair Fight Action, a voting right organization founded by Abrams was ordered to pay $231303.71 in legal costs after their long-running predominate case Fair Fight Action against Raffensperger came to an end with a federal judge ruling against them for their remaining three claims.

The group was ordered to pay $192 628.85 for “printed and electronically recorded transcripts necessary obtained for use in this case” and $38,674.86 to make copies for the case.

“This is a win to taxpayers and voters, who knew all along Stacey Abrams voter suppression claims were false. It has never been easier for voters to vote in Georgia,” Secretary Brad Raffensperger stated in a press release that Fox News Digital first obtained.

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Raffensperger said, “This is a good start. But I believe Stacey Abrams should repay the millions of taxpayer money the state was forced into spending to disprove her false claims.”

Fair Fights’ unsuccessful lawsuit against Raffensperger over voting laws they considered suppressive led to the owed legal fees. The suit challenged the Peach States absentee ballot provisions and voter roll oversight. It also challenged verification rules. Fair Fight was ruled out by Steven Jones, a U.S. District Court judge.

Jones stated that “Although Georgia’s electoral system is imperfect, the challenged practices do not violate the Constitution nor the Voting Rights act.” Jones said that the “burden on voters” is relatively low and that Abrams’ group didn’t provide evidence of a voter who was unable or had to wait longer for registration.

Fair Fight Action, a 501(c),4 non-profit was founded by Abrams in 2018 in response to voter suppression allegations following her loss to Brian Kemp. Fair Fight Action expanded its operations in 2019 to include a political arm, Fair Fight PAC.

Abrams was helped by Fair Fight Network to prepare for her unsuccessful second run against Kemp for governor’s mansion in November.

Raffensperger stated that Georgia’s election laws are a good compromise between voter convenience and election security. “We had record voter turnout in 2022. This was an extremely high level of voter turnout for a midterm elections, which proves that claims of voter suppression can be just as easily fabricated as those of stolen elections.”