Arizona GOP chairman appeared to offer Kari Lake bribe to stay out of Senate race

In an audio recording made public on Tuesday, Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit appears to have offered Republican Kari Lake a bribe to not run for Senate in Arizona.

According to the Daily Mail’s report, DeWit had asked Lake to set a price for her to not run in the Senate race last March. He added that he was afraid “very powerful people” were trying to keep Lake out of the race.

DeWit replied, “I got a question today from the east: Is there a company or anything that can just keep her off the payroll?” Lake laughed.

“Ten million, 20 million, 30 … no, no, no. A billion? No. Lake said, “This isn’t about money. This is about our country.” “I find it disturbing that anyone would think this was–“


Lake, who was unsuccessful in her bid for Arizona Governor to now-Gov. Katie Hobbs (D AZ) seemed to be frustrated by DeWit’s comments, but continued speaking.

DeWit stated that “there are powerful people who will keep you out.” “But they are willing to put money where their mouths are, in a major way.”

He said that it was okay to say no, but she could not tell anyone about their conversation because it would jeopardize “our ability to do things in the future.”

DeWit stated that the “powerful people”, who wanted Lake to stay out of politics, wanted her to do so for two years. After which, she would be able resume her normal activities.

Lake laughed and said, “They’re going to try to murder me.”

DeWit replied by stating that “the cartels are active in every state.”

Lake became more insistent the more DeWit tried to get her name a price. He asked her to not tell anyone else about the conversation.