Illinois Judge Issues Limited Pause on State’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

A judge in Illinois temporarily stopped the state’s enforcement of a ban on assault weapons on Friday against approximately 800 plaintiffs who had filed a lawsuit challenging this measure.

Protect Illinois Communities Act bans the sale, distribution and possession semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15. It also grants local law enforcement authorities the power to impose additional firearm bans in future. Governor J. signed the law. B. Pritzker signed the law earlier this month. It also requires that owners of weapons now restricted to be registered with the state police.

A circuit court judge in Effingham County ruled that the state cannot enforce the law against any party named in the lawsuit “unless further order of the Court.” This ruling comes two days after an emergency hearing in the case.

Thomas DeVore (an ex-Republican nominee for Illinois Attorney General) filed the lawsuit arguing that the ban was against the state constitution.

Pritzker released a statement Friday expressing his disappointment at the decision.

“This decision is not surprising. He said that although it was disappointing, this is the first result we have seen in many lawsuits brought by plaintiffs whose goal it is to advance ideology over safety. We are aware that this is just the beginning of defending this crucial legislation. I am confident that the courts will uphold Illinois’ constitutionality. It is similar to laws in eight other states and was created in collaboration with advocates, lawmakers, and lawyers.

Don Harmon, Illinois senator president, said that the ruling would be appealed. He added, “We look forward our day in court, to zealously advocate to our neighbors who are weary about the gun violence epidemic.”

Another lawsuit was filed in Crawford County against the law, claiming that the measure violates the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment.

The Illinois State Rifle Association also stated that it will challenge the law.

Richard Pearson, executive director of the ISRA, stated Tuesday that the group is leading the opposition to Illinois’ new gun legislation. “We will soon be filing a federal suit.”