Maine Builds Rent-Free Apartments for Illegal Migrants Paid for by American Taxpayers

Maine’s hardworking taxpayers will foot the bill for several apartment buildings that will allow illegal immigrants to live rent-free.

Maine officials celebrated this week the renovation of an old naval air station where 60 new apartments will be built in five buildings. Rent-free living will be available to border crossers and illegal immigrants for two years, paid for by the hardworking taxpayers.

News Center Maine reported the goal of moving migrants from hotels and shelters into stable housing – even though they are in the U.S. without authorization and relying on American benefits.

At Brunswick Landing, there were dozens of people who gathered on Monday to celebrate the 60 new apartments that will be built in five buildings. 24 of the 60 units are already completed. These units will house asylum seekers while they wait for work permits. This process can take some time, since asylum seekers cannot apply for a work permit until six months after submitting their initial application.

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The Maine State Housing Authority is responsible for this program. Maine Housing will pay for the rent of these asylum seekers up to a period of two years. Then, the housing will be converted into a mixture of affordable and market-rate housing, unless the state decides to extend the program.

Maine allocated $3.5 million for the provision of apartment units to illegal aliens. The state is expecting the migrants to be able to pay their housing costs with the “support” they receive from the state.

State will also provide over $100,000 in assistance to illegal immigrants who need help with asylum applications or work authorizations for an entire year. Officials claim that the legal assistance will be aimed at ensuring illegal immigrants receive work authorization “as quickly as possible” to begin supporting themselves.

Maine is experiencing an increase in the number of homeless residents, with more than 4,200 people living on the street. The state, however, has not done anything to combat this issue, instead putting millions of dollars into assisting illegal aliens that come to the U.S. to take advantage of American profit.