Minnesota Compared To North Korea, China For Extreme Abortion Bill About To Pass

If the Minnesota Democratic Governor signs the bill passed by the Minnesota Senate as expected, the state will allow abortion at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy.

The Protect Reproductive Options Act states that every person who is pregnant has the right to carry on the pregnancy, give birth or terminate the pregnancy. It also gives them the right to make their own decisions about how to exercise these fundamental rights. All Democrat voted in favor of the bill, while all Republicans opposed it. Walz stated that he would sign the bill into law.

Late term abortions are often done by using horrendous procedures. These can include dismembering or crushing the baby, or injecting a lethal drug into the baby’s heart.

“Minnesotans do not support elective third-trimester abortion. They don’t. That’s why this extreme bill is enshrined in our state law: The right to abort any child for any reason, at any time, up to birth,” Cathy Blaeser (executive director for Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) stated. “Under this bill even babies old enough to be outside their wombs and feel severe pain are not protected from lethal violence. Minnesota is in the same group as a few other countries, including China and North Korea, because of the extremism of H.F. 1.


She continued, “The absence of parental involvement allows some of the most horrible criminals–human or sex traffickers”–to hide behind unlicensed, uninspected abortion facilities. “These traffickers enjoy watching this legislature pass extreme, unfettered abortion bills that allow them to continue trafficking their victims.”

MPR reported that Sen. Jennifer McEwen (state senator) wrote the bill. She stated, “We have a responsibility to respond to the call of Minnesotans for truly protecting those reproductive freedoms, and to enshrine these not just in case law but in our statute law.” These are our values. This is Minnesota’s practice. This is what we believe.

Rep. Mark Johnson, GOP Senate Minority Leader, countered that “Today we’re not just codifying Roe V. Wade or Doev. Gomez like the author indicated.” We have enacted the most extreme bill regarding youth sterilization, late-term abortions, and public viability for an array of new reproductive rights.

Fox News reported that 35 times, Republicans attempted to amend the bill and failed each attempt.