Portland Teachers’ Group Offers Kindergarten Curriculum Teaching Anti-Israel Hate

According to reports, the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT), an affiliate of the state’s teachers union with 4,500 members has created a curriculum that is anti-Israel and anti -America for children as young kindergarteners. The curriculum says Zionists “bullies”, and blames Israel for “settler colonialism” as well as the United States.

The Palestinian Feminist Collective has produced a book that tells the story of Handala, a fictional Palestinian child who says, “A group called Zionists stole our land by force, and injured many people.”

“Students are encouraged to come up with a slogan that they can chant at a protest and complete a maze so that Handala can ‘get back home to Palestine’–represented as a map of Israel,” Rufo notes.

The pre-kindergarteners are also encouraged to use other leftist clichés, such as a video that states, “I feel safer when there is no police,” or a slide show that celebrates the First and Second Palestinian Intifadas. According to the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (IICT), 887 out of 1,137 Israelis killed in attacks during the Second Intifada between September 2000 and February 2005 were civilians.

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The recommended resource list includes a “sensory guide for children” on attending protests. It shows children what they can expect to see, hear and feel at protests.

The children in kindergarten and second grade are taught a lesson called “Art and Action for Palestine” to help them “connect the histories of settler-colonialism in Palestine and the United States,” and “celebrate Palestinian resistance and culture throughout history and the present with a special focus on Palestinian children’s resistance.”

“75 years ago a number of people around the globe decided to remove Palestinian land in order to create a new country called Israel. The lesson states that Israel would be a place where the rules are mostly fair for Jewish people who have White skin. When Indigenous land is taken to create a new country, it’s called settler-colonialism.

“Keffiyehs” and “protest signs” are among the “suggested material”. The curriculum includes a booklet called “All Out for Palestine,” in which it is stated, “STOP THIS GENOCIDE!” End U.S. Aid to Israel! Free Palestine! The pamphlet refers “to Zionism’s long genocide war against Palestinian life” and adds, “End US aid to Israel. Nullify all US-Israeli joint agreements and collaborations in arms trade and police.”

Rufo explains that the pamphlet contains chants which teachers can use in their classrooms. “Some of the chants imply a support for political violence and militancy: ‘Resistance justifies itself when people are occupied’; We salute our martyrs’. Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters! No peace on stolen land!'”