Trump Sweeps Missouri, Idaho, Michigan Republican Caucuses

The former president Donald Trump has won the Missouri Republican Presidential Caucuses, Idaho Republican Presidential Caucuses, and Michigan Republican Presidential Caucuses over Nikki Haley the former Governor of South Carolina.

According to the Associated Press, Trump won the Missouri Caucus shortly after the results started to be announced. At 6:58 pm eastern, with two-thirds or more of the official results counted, he was declared victorious in Idaho. At the time this article was written, the former president had won all the Missouri delegates and 85 percent in the Idaho caucus votes.

Trump won the Michigan Republican Caucus on Saturday with 98 per cent of the votes, just days after winning the Michigan Primary over Haley.

“THANK YOU, MISSOURI! Together, WE will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! “Trump said Saturday afternoon on Truth Social.


Trump’s campaign gains momentum with this victory and his winning streak continues against Haley and other GOP candidates. Trump is the Republican presumptive nominee after winning Iowa and New Hampshire. Haley was beaten resoundingly in South Carolina, her home state, last month in an uncontested primary.

Super Tuesday is March 5 when more than a dozen Republican states will hold their primary elections. The former president should win big. Washington, D.C.,’s GOP primary will end on Sunday evening, while North Dakota’s will be held on Monday, as a preview of Super Tuesday.

Haley hosted an event at the Madison Hotel, a 4-star hotel in Washington D.C. where the D.C. Primary is being held over a three-day period. She will be expected to compete with Trump in D.C., and Virginia – one of the Super Tuesday states. Roanoke college conducted a recent poll that found Trump leading Haley in Virginia’s open primaries by eight percentage points.

Haley received endorsements from Susan Collins, a moderate Republican senator from Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, a moderate Republican Senator from Alaska, both before the primaries in their states were held on Tuesday. She ruled out running for the centrist No Labels party after her Republican nomination bid ends.

In a new poll conducted by Siena College and the New York Times, released on Saturday, registered voters show Trump ahead of Biden by 5 percentage points. This is despite widespread dissatisfaction about the way Biden runs the country. Republican primary voters expressed a much greater enthusiasm for Trump in the poll than did Democratic primary voters for Biden. According to the RealClearPolitics average general election polling, Trump leads Biden on average by 2.3 percentages points.

Politico reported that Democratic operatives have already raised the alarm over Biden’s polling results and stressed the importance of the upcoming State of the Union Address. Biden’s camp dismissed the importance of the NYT survey and claimed that the polls were undercounting him.