Winsome Sears: School Choice ‘Is the New Brown v. Board of Education Fight’

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (R), says that parents and conservatives are involved in the “new Brown V. Board of Education” fight to allow school choice.

Sears spoke on the panel “Parents with Pitchforks,” at CPAC 2023. He said that politicians and parents need to be open to taking risks to do what is right.

She declared, “If I have the need to lose the next electoral election so that the kids get a good education, then I will,” It’s not about keeping a seat. It’s about our children’s future.

She said that she was responsible for parenting her child.


Parents and citizens have a responsibility to “get people elected that want parents to have the option.” Sears said, “We’re also part of the problem.”

Sears was joined by Ian Prior, America First Legal senior advisor and Fight for Schools executive Director. Prior stated that it took the left decades to control the education system and that repairs will take decades.

Prior stated that children in China are learning calculus while Prior said that they have 72 genders to learn.

He spoke of a story out of Loudoun County, Virginia, where a girl was uncomfortable using the girls’ restroom with a “transgender”-identifying male.

She complained and was told to talk to the “unified psychological team” about her problems. Then, the pressure was placed on her to not use the bathroom with the boy.

The left wants to ensure that those who don’t “affirm” gender dysphoria in children are legally held responsible.

Prior mentioned the Virginia bill from Del. Elizabeth Guzman (D), that would see parents facing child abuse charges of felony or misdemeanor nature if they refuse “affirm” their child’s gender identity.

Prior explained that child protective services are available to you if you refuse to take your child to treatment or allow them social transition.

But, schools can already do this. They are designed to withhold information from parents and make it difficult for you to allow your child to follow this path.

Prior anticipates that a Supreme Court case will be made out of the gendered toilet issue.

Two cases are at odds in the Eleventh federal circuit. One says anyone can use any toilet because they are covered by the Civil Rights Act. The other states that one cannot use a bathroom that is not compatible with their biological sex.