Biden Calls Trump ‘Existential Threat’ as Anti-Israel Protesters Block 5th Avenue

President Joe Biden called former President Trump an “existential danger” at a New York City fundraiser on Wednesday. Anti-Israel protesters had blocked Fifth Avenue in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Biden said to business leaders that Donald Trump was the biggest existential threat. He made this statement during his first visit of the day, at the Upper West Side residence of Larry Linden. Linden is the former managing director of Goldman Sachs.

Biden stated, “He will try to undo all we’ve accomplished… We cannot let that happen.” There is only one threat to our existence in the world, and that’s environmental degradation.

Three fundraising events were scheduled for the president, and several business leaders who’s environmental projects aligned to Biden administration’s program of incentives and subsidies. The New York Post reported that anti-Israel protesters had blocked traffic in front of Biden’s third event.

Now what?

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Now what?
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The Post reported that “a few dozen protesters camped on Fifth Avenue at rush hour to protest his support for Israel’s invasion of Gaza Strip as a response to Hamas terrorists who killed 1,200 people in a surprise attack on Oct. 7, and kidnapped about 250 more,”

The article added that “Protesters were wearing shirts saying ‘Jews Say Ceasefire Now!’ before they cleared out to allow Biden access to the home of Maureen White’s third wealthy host. Steven Rattner manages former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is worth billions, and his wife, Maureen White.

After police handcuffed roughly 12 protesters for disorderly behavior, the event went ahead as planned.

I’m not supposed to be in this place right now. One woman protester said to the Post, “I called out just so I wouldn’t miss it.” We will not allow this war criminal to drive through our streets or our city as if he was not doing death and destruction.

“While he’s in our city, there will be nothing but disruptions,” said he.

Biden, before the protest and during his second fundraising event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, near Columbus Circle said that a Trump presidency would be a “nightmare.”

He reportedly said, “Imagine Trump’s nightmare return.” You’re the main reason Donald Trump was defeated as a former president. You’re also the reason why we will make Donald Trump lose again.