Black Men Abandoning Biden as Election Approaches: Poll

A recent Wall Street Journal survey of seven swing states revealed that a significantly higher percentage than in 2020 of Black men planned to vote for the former president Donald Trump.

The majority of Black men — 57 per cent — plan to vote for President Joe Biden at the polling booth on Election Day. However, 30 percent of respondents indicated that they would either definitely or likely choose Trump. The Journal will not be conducting the same poll for 2020. However, in the last presidential election only 12 percent of Black men voted for Biden.

The Journal found that, compared to 6 percent of Black women who voted for Trump in 2020, 11 percent plan to do so in 2024. The Journal also found that 18 percent of Black respondents with college degrees — of which 8 percent voted for Trump during the 2020 election — intend to vote for the former president this November. Meanwhile, 21 percent of Black respondents without a college degree said the same. In the last presidential elections, this group voted 9 percent for Trump.

The Journal’s data, which covers the seven states that are expected to be most competitive in November – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan North Carolina, Nevada Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – shows Trump as the leader in all of them except Wisconsin, where both he and Biden have 46 percent. 54 percent of respondents said that they trusted Trump more on the economy than Biden, while only 34 percent did so for Biden. In the case of immigration, 52 per cent said that Trump was the best choice, whereas only 32 per cent thought Biden would be a better option. Of those surveyed, 48 percent said that Trump was more mentally and physically able to serve as president than Biden. Only 28 percent of respondents said that Biden’s physical and mental ability is superior to Trump.


Abortion is one area where Biden has an advantage over Trump. Biden is preferred by 45 percent of respondents to Trump on this issue.

Undecided respondents have unfavorable opinions of both candidates. 67 percent disapprove of Biden, and 61 percent dislike Trump.