Border Patrol union hits back at ACLU over agent clash with migrants: ‘Go to hell’

After being allegedly assaulted by illegal migrants, the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a Border Patrol union reacted against the American Civil Liberties Union.

“We read this morning, that the ACLU is upset that BP agent have the audacity defend themselves,” tweeted the National Border Patrol Council.

We have a solution for them. “Go to hell.”

After the ACLU raised outrage at an incident Monday that was partially captured on camera, the union responded. As they waved a huge flag, the group of Venezuelan migrants illegally crossed into El Paso (Texas) To control the crowd, agents can be seen pushing migrants into the river and firing pepper balls at them.


CBP released a statement saying that a group from Venezuela had attempted to illegally enter America while protesting at the Rio Grande’s international border.

According to the agency, one protester attacked an agent with a flagpole and another threw rocks at agents, injuring one. The Border Patrol was then able to take crowd control measures.

The statement stated that these measures included the use the less-lethal force pepperball launch system. “The crowd dispersed and returned home to Mexico,” the statement said.

CBP stated that the incident is being reviewed by its Office of Professional Responsibility.

ACLU called this incident “the latest in an extensive line of abuses committed by CBP.”

“Our government’s failures to prevent people seeking protection in the U.S. have led to suffering and death.” According to the group, the Biden administration must reinstate a humane process of seeking asylum.”

This incident is part of a continuing flood of illegal immigration across the U.S. borders. In FY 2022 there were over 2.3 million migrants and in September, more than 227,000. Fox News cameras have captured large numbers of migrants crossing the border this week.

Border Patrol has reported more than 50 large groups with more than 100 migrants in the Del Rio Sector since October’s beginning.