CDC likely to recommend annual COVID booster shot, director says

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new director said on Thursday that the agency will likely issue guidance this fall recommending that Americans get an annual COVID-19 boost shot.

Dr. Mandy Cohen, Spectrum News, said that “we’re on the cusp of it, so I won’t get ahead of our scientists who are doing this evaluation work.” But, she added, we do expect COVID to become like flu shots. You will get your flu shot every year, and your COVID shot annually.

She added, “We are not there yet but please stay tuned.” I think we’ll hear from our experts about COVID shots in the next few weeks or months.

Spectrum News reported that the agency was finalizing its recommendation and expected to announce it early September.


Cohen also spoke about the public’s trust in the agency, since the COVID-19 epidemic began.

When asked if there was anything the CDC could’ve done differently, she said “people have made it very clear that they lost trust in the CDC”.

Cohen noted that the CDC had not performed and executed in some areas as they should have. She is also concerned about the distrust of vaccines.

She said, “I am very concerned about parents who do not vaccinate their children.” “I got all my children vaccinated against the viruses that were circulating.” As parents, we’re not able to do many other things. “This is something we can do to help protect our children.”

The leader stated that she will continue to work on building relationships with the public, politicians and health officials.

Cohen stated that “just like the military protects us in this country and around world, we also need a CDC to protect us.”

She added, “We cannot see these cuts and have national security assets here at the CDC.”

The House Republicans want to cut the funding of this agency by a significant amount.

Cohen wants to see the CDC as a “trusted” partner that looks out for communities and families.

Cohen served as North Carolina Health Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Staff of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services under the Obama Administration.

In June, GOP members wrote to President Biden urging him to remove his appointee.

“Dr. “Dr. “During her tenure as Secretary of North Carolina Health and Human Services, Dr. Cohen politicized science and disregarded civil rights, and she spread misinformation regarding the efficacy and need for COVID vaccines and masks.”