‘My guy’: Hunter Biden partner Devon Archer says Joe Biden was on calls with foreign patrons for ‘the brand’

Devon Archer, a former Hunter Biden business associate, told Congress on Monday that Hunter Biden referred to the President as “my guy”, while linking his father to foreign associates almost two dozen times. This comes as Republicans are moving closer to launching an impeachment investigation.

Archer stated during a four hour House Oversight Committee Interview that Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma holdings paid Hunter as much as $1 million per annum to serve on their board due to his family’s brand.

Archer met then-Vice president Joe Biden in early 2014, just days after joining Burisma’s board with Hunter. He told lawmakers, “Burisma would not have survived if the ‘brand’ hadn’t been attached to it,” a Republican reading from a panel.

As he left his deposition, Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., told reporters that Archer had talked about the “big guy” and how Hunter Biden would always say, “We need my guy to talk to,’ “We need my guy to know when he will be here,” and other things.


Archer claimed that Burisma owner Mykola Zochevsky, who told an FBI informant he had been “coerced,” to pay $10,000,000 in bribes in 2016 to Hunter and Joe Biden, put pressure on Hunter to get US support in late 2015 for the ouster of Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin who investigated Burisma.

Archer reported that at one point, Hunter Biden and Zlochevsky, as well as Burisma executive Vadym Pouzharskyi, walked away from the table and “called DC” to discuss the matter.

The majority of Republicans on the Oversight Committee tweet: “This raises concern that Hunter Biden violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.”

Archer said Hunter Biden put his father’s speakerphone on more than 20 occasions during business meetings in order to promote the “brand.” The deal, which was a probationary plea for tax fraud related to his foreign income, and a gun charge unrelated, collapsed last Thursday.

Joe Biden spoke on the speakerphone at a Paris-based dinner with representatives from a French energy firm, Archer reported, while his son, Hunter, was in China, meeting Jonathan Li, of BHR Partners, an investment fund founded by Hunter and backed by the state in 2013, after Hunter had introduced Li to his father during a trip to Beijing.

Archer confirmed that the then-Vice president Biden had attended a dinner in Washington’s Cafe Milano on April 15, 2015 with Pozharskyi, and former Moscow First Lady Yelena Baturina as reported previously by The Post.

Archer did not reveal any significant details regarding the bribery allegations involving Burisma. Neither did he address other points of intrigue that remained unresolved, such as the extent to which Hunter had a business relationship with Baturina or the connections between his first son and former arms contractor Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

The Post reported Monday night that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who is a member of the Oversight Committee said “[Archer] has stated ‘I don’t recall’ more than I would like.”

“We wish that he had given us more specific answers to some of our queries.” She added that what he provided was massive. He provided evidence, as a former Hunter Biden business partner, that Joe Biden had lied so many times to the American public. Joe Biden has repeatedly said, in interviews and on video, that he doesn’t have any knowledge of my son’s dealings. Hunter and I have never discussed his business.

Archer appeared on Saturday after Archer and his lawyer Matthew Schwartz tried to dismiss the “speculation” about federal prosecutors trying to intimidate Archer before his planned testimony. Schwartz had requested that a court begin the process of imprisoning Archer for a fraud conviction unrelated to the testimony.

Schwartz is an associate at Boies Schiller Flexner, a firm that has close ties with Democrats and previously employed Hunter when his father was vice president.

Hunter served in that capacity with Romanian Gabriel Popoviciu. According to bank records, Popoviciu paid $1 million to members of the Biden clan between 2015 and 2017, as he fought a corruption conviction, even though then-VP Joe Biden was campaigning against corruption in Romania.

Greene said that Schwartz’s Boies Schiller connection was “probably the reason [Archer] kept on saying, “I don’t recall. I do not recall. I don’t recall.

Archer did not answer any reporter questions when he and Schwartz were leaving an office near the Capitol. He only replied that his watch is a Seiko to an off-topic question.

Daniel Goldman, a top Democrat on the Oversight Committee from New York, claimed that Archer had not provided any information that was damaging to President Obama and that Burisma did not want Shokin removed as Ukraine’s chief prosecutor, which is an apparent contradiction of what Archer stated.

Goldman stated that “the witness stated unambiguously that there are no evidences in his possession or knowledge that Joe Biden has ever discussed business with Hunter Biden or Joe Biden has ever done anything in support of Hunter Biden’s business interests, or that Joe Biden changed official policy at any time.”

Joe Biden advocated his firing. Burisma, on the other hand, did not want or desire this.

Goldman argued that Joe Biden’s interactions with the partners of his son were innocent.

Goldman described the president’s involvement in foreign business relations as “describing the weather”. Goldman said that it was absurd to believe that a father shouldn’t greet people his son is dining with.

Chris Swecker is a former FBI official who was the head of the criminal investigations division at the FBI from 2004-2006. He said the situation for President Biden didn’t seem good, citing the numerous alleged speakerphone conversations.

Swecker, who was the head of the Criminal Division, told Fox News that he had seen this phenomenon in many bribery and corruption cases. It’s known as stream of services. Archer was leaving Capitol Hill when Swecker spoke.

It’s an understanding, not a formal quid pro-quo. Swecker explained that it’s an agreement, but if the services are matched up within a reasonable time frame with the benefit, in this case $10 million or whatever, then bribery is committed.

“They were selling the access. He only had to [do] the big setup, and then put Joe Biden onto the phone. This alone would have shown that they have access. Here he is. He’s on the telephone. You know, I told you that we could do something for you. It’s him. You can match that with the prosecutor being fired. The prosecutor has gone aft