‘Christmas Is Canceled’: Pro-Palestinian Protesters Riot in New York, Block O’Hare in Chicago

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators spent the weekend rioting and disrupting holiday travel. They also targeted Christmas in general to try and force Americans to listen by annoying them, disrupting their plans for holidays, and causing them to be inconvenienced.

On Monday in New York City, hundreds of demonstrators brought a bloodied Nativity Scene to Rockefeller Center. Some carried Islamic symbols.

The two men fought with the police after they tried to disrupt the festivities.

On video, a man is heard shouting “Jew!” to police.

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The video shows pro-Palestinian activists vandalizing Union Square’s Christmas market, with anti-Israel graffiti and even anti police graffiti from the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The New York Post reported that:

On Monday, hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators converged in Midtown. They carried a mock Nativity scene painted blood-red and chanted “Christmas has been canceled here.”

The crowd of 500 demonstrators shouted “Long Live the Intifada” using the Arabic term for “rebellion or uprising”, as they surrounded the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, where holiday revelers were celebrating.

Sources from law enforcement reported that at least six arrests were made, including four for disorderly behavior, one for menacing, and one for graffiti, near Grand Central Station, and Union Square as police and protesters clashed.

The Post reported that on Christmas Eve, pro-Palestinian cars disrupted the Christmas carol singing in Washington Square Park.

On Christmas Eve in Chicago, a group pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protesters targeted the homes local legislators before briefly closing down Interstate 90, the main artery linking Chicago to O’Hare International Airport, both ways.

Local Fox affiliate WFLD-32 was reported.

According to the Instagram page of the group, the caravan’s first destination was Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s home in Evanston.

The protesters went on to the U.S. Senator Dick Durbin in Chicago shouted “Long Live Palestine!”

The third stop was at O’Hare International Airport, where the caravan disrupted traffic along I-190 and Manheim Road. Traffic was stopped on both sides of the road.

Even in suburban Memphis, Tennessee a pro Palestinian crowd caused chaos during Christmas shopping.

Pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protesters have targeted Christmas and Christian symbols for weeks. Some even tried to claim that Christmas had “Palestinian origins” because Jesus Christ was actually born in Bethlehem which is administered today by the Palestinian Authority. Jesus was Jewish and the term “Palestinian”, which was used to describe the region, was not widely known until over a century after his death. Palestinian Arabs did not become “Palestinians” until the second half of the 20th Century. Prior to 1948, “Palestinians” were usually Jews living in the British Mandate of Palestine.