Daines rails against Biden’s handling of issues, says he left Chinese balloon briefing with ‘more questions’

Senator Steve Daines (Republican from Montana) is fed up with President Biden’s “leading from behind” attitude. He cites the administration’s handling of the south border, fentanyl crisis, and the Chinese spy ball as reasons why he calls for new leadership in 2024.

Daines spoke out in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital about the major issues he thinks the Biden administration did wrong. This could help him win the Senate majority next year as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Daines made comments on the Department of Defense classified Senate briefing regarding the Chinese spy balloon, multiple unidentified objects and other objects that were shot down in U.S. Airspace. This meeting only raised more concern for him.

Daines said in an exclusive interview that Monday, “After I left that classified briefing about the Chinese spy balloon,” It’s absurd to believe that this spy balloon was actually over America, and it was Montanans.


A Montana resident spotted the Chinese surveillance balloon first on February 1. He notified a local paper. Daines was not informed by the Pentagon or Biden about the potential national security threat that was hovering above his state until then.

“What is shocking is that the spy balloon flew right over Montana’s intercontinental missiles. It’s a weapon for mass destruction that keeps America and the world safe. He was indecisive. He was unsure of what to do. He said that if he had his way, the balloon would have floated across the country just like Taylor Swift’s concert tour.

Daines also criticised Biden’s surprise secret visit to Kyiv on Monday to meet Volodymyr Zelenskyy (the Ukrainian President), where he announced additional funding of $500 million to help the country fight Russia’s invasion.

“It’s a great example of President Biden coming from behind. Nearly every world leader has visited Ukraine. This administration took almost a year to make a visit. Since then, every European leader and leader around the globe have visited Ukraine. His indecisiveness and lack of leadership are what actually encourages our enemies, once again.

Daines predicts that Biden’s track record of pushing Democrats away from President Obama will continue as the 2024 election cycle nears. Democratic Senators. Democratic Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) have both announced that they will not run for re-election after their terms expire next cycle. This raises the question of how many more Senate Democrats will retire as there is a daunting 2024 map.

“Well, I believe every Democratic senator who decides that he or she will run for office knows to run from Joe Biden. There is a movement of retirements. They could either retire on their terms or face their state citizens and defend what they did. Record-breaking levels of complicity with Joe Biden. Record levels of inflation, an open southern border, high crime rates, disastrous energy policies and a disastrous foreign policy are all examples. America has been made less secure by Joe Biden, both on the domestic and international stage. “

Daines is aiming to capture the Senate majority for Republicans by 2024. The NRSC chair has revealed the top issues he thinks will be important going into 2024.

“As I travel through Montana, I hear directly from people I get to serve every single day in Washington. It’s not the high price of gasoline, it is the high price of groceries, it’s the fentanyl flooding across our southern borders because of Mexican cartels. This directly relates to Joe Biden’s open border policies. It’s having an immediate effect on Montanans. We are a state on the northern border, but we also have a crisis at the southern border. The same thing that is happening in Montana can also be seen in these other states, which Democrats will have to defend in the 2024 Senate elections.

Biden, Kamala Harris, Vice President, and Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, have stated at times that the border was secure. A statement Daines tells Fox “just isn’t true.”

Daines called the Biden administration’s insistence on claiming that the south border is secure an “outlandish statement”. It’s up there with China government, the communist Chinese spy ball was a weather balloon. It is simply not true. They don’t tell the truth.”

“Over 5,000,000 illegal apprehensions have been made since Biden was elected. The border is flooded with meth, fentanyl, and other drugs. Daines stated that while the Mexican cartels have command and control of the border, this administration does not.”

Daines was banned from Twitter in February after a photograph of him and his wife hunting down in Montana was deemed to be “adult and graphic.” CEO Elon Musk restored Daines’ access to Twitter, but it raised concerns about conservative media censorship.

“Without warning. Our Twitter site was removed at 11:01 p.m. two week ago due to so-called “adult and graphic content.” It is absolutely shocking. Elon Musk intervened 13 hours later and I am grateful,” he stated about the suspension. He said that we cannot let the San Francisco elites decide the values of the rest of the globe… I hope the elites in San Francisco would be more inclusive and open to the differences of our lives and make Montana equal.